UTME 2024 Insights: Gender Stats, State Rankings & Prep Guide

UTME 2024 Insights: Gender Stats, State Rankings & Prep Guide

Are you among the nearly 2 million candidates gearing up for the 2024 UTME? Curious about how your state fares in registration numbers? Wonder no more, as we dive into the latest statistics from JAMB, revealing intriguing insights into candidate demographics and preparation tips for acing the exam.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has always been a significant milestone in the educational journey of Nigerian students aspiring to higher education. This year, the registration statistics for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) have been released, revealing intriguing trends and numbers that underscore the competitive landscape of university admissions in Nigeria.
πŸ“Š Total Registered 1,985,642
πŸ“ Top State Oyo – 123,636
πŸ₯ˆ Second State Ogun – 114,435
🚻 Male Candidates 980,419
πŸ‘©‍🦰 Female Candidates 1,005,223
♿ PLWDs Registered 2,026
πŸ“‰ Lowest State FCT Abuja – 8,020
πŸ—“️ Exam Dates April 19th – April 29th, 2024

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A Closer Look at the Registration Data

A staggering total of 1,985,642 candidates have registered to take part in the 2024 UTME, showcasing the high demand for tertiary education spots across the country. The distribution of these candidates across various states provides a fascinating glimpse into regional education dynamics.
State-wise Distribution: An OverviewOyo State leads the pack with the highest number of registered candidates, totalling 123,636. This figure not only highlights Oyo as an educational hub but also reflects the state’s extensive resources and facilities geared towards supporting UTME aspirants.
Following closely is Ogun State, with 114,435 registered candidates. The competitive spirit in Ogun is palpable, with numerous students setting their sights on securing a place in Nigeria’s prestigious universities.
On the other end of the spectrum, Zamfara and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja have the least number of registered candidates, with 9,473 and 8,020 respectively. These numbers could reflect various factors, including population density and access to preparatory resources.
Gender and Disability Inclusion in the 2024 UTME

The gender distribution among the registered candidates is fairly balanced, with 980,419 male and 1,005,223 female candidates. This parity is a positive indicator of gender inclusivity in Nigerian education, offering hope for balanced representation in tertiary institutions.

Additionally, JAMB has taken commendable steps towards inclusivity by registering 2,026 People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) for free. This initiative not only highlights JAMB’s commitment to equal opportunities but also ensures that every aspiring student has a chance to pursue higher education.

The UTME Examination Schedule

The 2024 UTME is scheduled to take place from April 19th to April 29th, 2024. With the exam dates fast approaching, candidates are encouraged to intensify their preparations.
Tools for Effective Exam Preparation

Final Thoughts

As the 2024 UTME draws near, it’s crucial for candidates to leverage every available resource to ensure their preparation is thorough and comprehensive. The insights provided by the registration statistics not only highlight the competitive nature of the examination but also stress the importance of diligent study and preparation.

Remember, success in the UTME opens doors to higher education opportunities that can significantly shape your future career paths. Take advantage of the preparation resources at your disposal, and approach the examination with confidence and determination. Good luck!

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