2024 JAMB Mock Surprises: Why 'Sweet Sixteen' Made the Cut - Get Prepared!

2024 JAMB Mock Surprises: Why 'Sweet Sixteen' Made the Cut - Get Prepared!

In the maze of preparation for the 2024 UTME, a curveball was thrown with the appearance of "Sweet Sixteen" in the mock tests. Was it a mistake, or a clever tactic by JAMB to test readiness? Dive into the details of the prescribed texts for your exams, including "The Life Changer" for Use-of-English, and get the scoop on how to best prepare yourself for the main UTME exams with confidence.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has recently clarified a notable point of discussion among candidates regarding the 2024 JAMB Mock Examination. Amidst circulating rumours and growing anxieties on social media platforms, JAMB has addressed the unexpected inclusion of questions from “Sweet Sixteen” alongside other prescribed texts in various languages and Literature-in-English for the 2024 Mock-UTME. This move, far from being accidental, represents a deliberate strategy by the Board to enhance its examination framework in light of emerging challenges.
πŸ“š English Text The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jali
πŸ€” Mock Inclusion Sweet Sixteen – Strategic Decision
πŸ“– Hausa Prose Turmin Danya
πŸ“š Igbo Drama Ojaadili
πŸ“ Lit-in-English Lion and the Jewel, Wuthering Heights, etc.
πŸ“œ Arabic Poetry Alma’adubatul Adabiyya
🎯 Mock Purpose CBT Environment Familiarisation
πŸ—“️ UTME Start Date 19th April 2024

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Understanding the “Sweet Sixteen” Situation

“Sweet Sixteen,” which appeared alongside texts in Arabic, Hausa, Igbo, and Literature-in-English during the mock exercise, was not intended to signal a replacement of the chosen reading text for the Use-of-English paper, “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jali. JAMB has confirmed that “The Life Changer” remains the prescribed text for the 2024 UTME, alongside other essential literature texts for language subjects:
Literature Texts for Language Subjects:Hausa:Prose: Turmin Danya
Poetry: Wakokin Hausa
Drama: Abin Da Kamar Wuya
Igbo:Prose: A Chowa Isi Ochu
Poetry: Utara Nti
Drama: Ojaadili
Literature-in-English:Lion and the Jewel
Look Back in Anger
Unexpected Joy at Dawn
Second Class Citizen
Wuthering Heights
Arabic:A variety of texts ranging from prose to poetry, authored by scholars such as Mustafa Badamasi and Zakariyya Hussani Ifriqiyya, among others.
The Importance of the Mock Exercise

The primary objective of the mock examination is twofold: to acclimatise candidates to the computer-based test (CBT) environment and to enable JAMB to evaluate its readiness for the main UTME, which is scheduled to commence on Friday, 19th April 2024. It’s a crucial preparatory step for candidates, offering a glimpse into the actual examination conditions and types of questions to expect.

The Essential Reading: “The Life Changer”

For emphasis, “The Life Changer” stands as the approved reading material for the Use-of-English paper, a compulsory section for all candidates, regardless of their chosen fields of study. JAMB has made considerable efforts to ensure candidates have easy access to the text, including the issuance of the reading material via a QR code placed in each candidate’s profile and email address. This initiative is part of JAMB’s commitment to alleviate the financial burden on candidates due to the high cost of printing materials.
Preparing for the 2024 UTME

The 2024 UTME is fast approaching, with exams set to run from April 19th to April 29th, 2024. Utilising the available preparation resources, understanding the prescribed texts, and familiarising yourself with the CBT environment are crucial steps towards achieving success in the forthcoming examinations. JAMB’s strategic inclusion of “Sweet Sixteen” in the mock exams serves as a reminder of the importance of being prepared for any scenario, highlighting the board’s dedication to maintaining a rigorous and fair examination process.

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