Meet Pastor Shammah of Future Smart Records on his musical journey of passion and purpose





Meet Pastor Shammah of Future Smart Records on his musical journey of passion and purpose

Pastor Shammah of Future Smart Records

Funminiyi Afolabi Akinsola, affectionately known as Pastor Shammah, graces the world with a musical journey that began in the heart of Nigeria. Born on August 17, 1979, in Abeokuta, Ogun State, and nurtured in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Pastor Shammah is more than a name – he is a force in the music industry.

Happily married to Mrs. Justyna Akinsola from Poland, Pastor Shammah is not just a family man; he is the proud father of two beautiful children. Beyond his family life, he is the visionary CEO behind an impressive array of ventures, including Future Smart Records Label, Future Smart Promotion, Future Smart Suite and Event Centre, Fun Accommodations Ltd, and Fun Holiday Home.

The genesis of Pastor Shammah's musical odyssey traces back to his college days, where his fascination with renowned record labels like Kennis Music and Bayowa Record ignited a spark. Witnessing how these labels managed and promoted artists inspired Pastor Shammah to nurture a dream – establishing his own record label to guide and shape the musical careers of aspiring talents.

For Pastor Shammah, the joy of having an artist by his side is an integral part of his daily life. The sheer delight of witnessing an artist sing, evoking smiles, and making his day brighter exemplifies the profound impact of music on his soul.

Rooted in his love for music since a young age, Pastor Shammah is not just a label executive; he's a seasoned instrumentalist. His affinity for playing the KONGA in church has provided him with insights into the transformative power of music, shaping his understanding of its profound influence.

Sharing his wisdom for aspiring artists, Pastor Shammah emphasizes the importance of continuous growth, self-testing, and hard work. He believes that learning from mistakes and celebrating achievements are crucial elements in the journey to success.

Expressing a deep commitment to community enrichment, Pastor Shammah envisions working closely with artists to contribute to the greater good. His record label, Future Smart, aims to be more than a musical hub – it aspires to be a unique outlet supporting artists and addressing community mental health challenges. Pastor Shammah seeks to uplift artists during challenging times, emphasizing the key to success: consistency.

To stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving music industry, Pastor Shammah advocates staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. Developing a solid understanding with fans is not just a strategy; it's a testament to the genuine connection he seeks to foster.

For those eager to delve deeper into Pastor Shammah's musical realm, Future Smart Records can be explored further at [Future Smart Record Label]( Connect with Pastor Shammah on Instagram at [@futuresmartrecords]( for a glimpse into the visionary world of Future Smart Records.

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