ZAMSUT Clears the Air on Nutrition & Public Health Programs

ZAMSUT Clears the Air on Nutrition & Public Health Programs

ZAMSUT's Management has provided clear guidelines on the status of its Nutrition & Dietetics and Public Health programs. Both are four-year basic programs, where students carry over failed courses but do not re-sit or repeat sessions. Students were directed to remain at their current levels.

The University Management of Zamfara State University, Talata-Mafara (ZAMSUT), recently responded to complaints raised by students and stakeholders regarding the status of the Human Nutrition & Dietetics and Public Health Programmes. Questions were asked about the duration and nomenclature of the degrees awarded, as well as the possibility of the re-sit and repeat regulations affecting students studying these programs.

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Navigating the Landscape of Confusion

Aiming to quell these concerns, the Management, after extensive consultations with sister institutions offering similar programmes and the National Universities Commission (NUC), has drawn a roadmap. At its 29th meeting on Tuesday, 23rd May 2023, the Management approved the following points to clarify the status of the programs in question.
Clarity on Program StatusThe first point of clarification was that both the Human Nutrition & Dietetics and Public Health Courses are considered Basic Programmes.
Secondly, it was agreed that both programmes would lead to a four-year degree, putting to rest any speculation about the duration of the course.
For students who fail any course, they are required to carry over the failed course.
However, students are not required to re-sit a failed course or repeat a particular session, which should ease any concerns about repeating an entire academic year.
Management’s Directives to Students

Following these clarifications, the University Management issued directives to students offering these programs.Students who were earlier asked to change their programme or repeat a session, owing to the confusion, are advised to remain at their appropriate levels.
The management encourages students to register and carry over any failed courses at any level, which must be passed before graduation.

These directives serve to assure students that the Management is committed to maintaining an educational environment that is conducive to learning, fair, and transparent. The Management also encourages students to seek clarification on any issues concerning their academic progress.

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