Babcock University Summer 2023 Fees Structure

Babcock University Summer 2023 Fees Structure

Babcock University has published its detailed billing structure for Summer 2023, categorizing costs by program and meal preferences. Law students have a unique pricing category, while nursing students have costs covering accommodation but not meals. The university also offers a discount to diploma program students.

In an effort to keep its students informed, Babcock University, situated in Ilishan Remo, Ogun State, has released its summer bill for 2023. This new information provides a detailed cost structure for various academic programs offered by the university, taking into account specific categories of students and their unique requirements.

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Categories and Associated Costs

The cost structure is broken down into four categories, each tailored to cater to the specific needs of different groups of students.
Category A – Non-Law Programs

For students enrolled in all programs except Law, the charges for 2-meal and 3-meal premium are ₦457,040 and ₦509,540, respectively. If they opt for a 2-meal or 3-meal classic plan, they are billed ₦503,060 and ₦555,560, respectively.
Category B – Law Students

Law students incur higher charges than their counterparts. A 2-meal premium option costs ₦507,040, while a 3-meal premium option amounts to ₦559,540. Meanwhile, the 2-meal and 3-meal classic options are priced at ₦553,060 and ₦605,560, respectively.
Category C – Generic Nursing Students

Generic nursing students are given two options, which come with a cost of ₦352,040 and ₦398,060. It should be noted that these costs include hostel accommodation but exclude meal costs.
Category D – Direct Entry Nursing Students

Direct Entry (DE) Nursing students, who are non-residents, have a set bill of ₦135,000.

Notable Discounts and Exclusions

Students enrolled in Law and Security diploma programs can benefit from a generous 25% discount on the aforementioned bills. It is important to underline that the bills for nursing students, particularly those in the generic category, include hostel accommodation but do not cover meals. Direct Entry nursing students are non-residential, therefore, their bill reflects only academic costs.

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