PUMS Official Warning Against Admission Fraud

PUMS Official Warning Against Admission Fraud

PAMO University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) has issued a disclaimer notice warning against admission scams. The university has noticed fraudulent activity where scammers process fake admissions and request payments from unsuspecting applicants. PUMS management stresses that all legitimate admission processes are conducted solely through the official university website, http://www.pums.edu.ng. The university dissociates itself from individuals or groups issuing fake admission letters and requests for payment.

In the wake of recent events, PAMO University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) has issued a critical disclaimer notice concerning the processing of admissions for the institution. The university management has become aware of the illicit activities of fraudsters who are using social media platforms to circulate counterfeit admission information and exploit applicants financially.

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Beware of Admission Scammers

The scam revolves around these fraudsters pretending to be representatives of the university, reaching out to potential students with false promises of admission, usually in exchange for money. They are also known to issue fake letters of admission to unsuspecting applicants and demand payments.
PUMS Official Admission Process

The university has emphasized that all legitimate admission procedures into PAMO University of Medical Sciences are exclusively conducted through the university’s official website, http://www.pums.edu.ng. Therefore, prospective students and parents should be wary of any individual or group claiming to facilitate admissions outside this medium.
Official Standpoint of the University

PAMO University of Medical Sciences is taking a decisive stand against this fraudulent practice. The management wholly dissociates itself from any individual or group engaged in these illicit activities and urges potential students to avoid such fraudulent entities.

The university also cautions against falling victim to these scams and encourages prospective students to verify all admission-related information from the university’s official platforms. Any communication or request for payment from any other source should be viewed with suspicion and reported to the university.

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