FUOYE Adopts Blended eLearning in Response to Fuel Price Hike

FUOYE Adopts Blended eLearning in Response to Fuel Price Hike

FUOYE management has announced the resumption of its blended online teaching program following a recent fuel price increase. The move, backed by the Vice Chancellor and his team, seeks to mitigate the impact of rising fuel costs on university operations. The university is calling for cooperation from HODs, Deans, and Faculty Members to provide course codes and lecturer details to the ICT team. Suitable methods for eLearning include Telegram and Google-classroom, available exclusively to FUOYE students with activated FUOYE email accounts.

In response to the recent surge in fuel prices and its potential impact on academic activities, the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) management has decided to reintroduce the blended online teaching program.

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The Blended eLearning Initiative

The blended eLearning program, which proved effective during the electioneering holiday, is set to commence immediately. This move reflects the institution’s adaptive approach to maintain the smooth running of academic programs despite economic challenges.

The Vice Chancellor and his team fully endorse this initiative and have given assurances that all staff involved in this program will be adequately compensated for their efforts.
Call for Cooperation

In a bid to ensure the success of this transition, the cooperation of the Heads of Departments, Deans, and Faculty members has been sought. These staff members are expected to provide the necessary course codes and assigned lecturer information to the ICT department to facilitate a smooth transition to online teaching.
Choice of Online Platforms

The university recognizes that lecturers may prefer different methods of teaching and has therefore given them the freedom to choose a suitable platform. However, past experiences have shown that Telegram is an efficient platform for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. It has the ability to record classes and accommodate a large number of students, making it a favored choice among the faculty.

In addition, Google Classroom, which is part of the FUOYE Google suite, is also recommended. This platform allows only FUOYE students with activated FUOYE email access to participate in classes, thereby ensuring a secure learning environment.

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