CMM Future is Female Mentorship Program 2020

CMM Future is Female Mentorship Program 2020

Applications are open for the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023, a Public Relations (PR) and communications program dedicated to the needs of African female tech founders. The program provides insights into PR, communications planning, media relations, and business storytelling, aimed to increase startup visibility and investment. Features include masterclasses, virtual sessions, media relation insights, and more. Previous editions saw a significant increase in applications and press coverage.

In an effort to empower and support the often overlooked and unsupported African female tech founders in the male-dominated tech world, applications are now open for the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023. This program is designed exclusively to address the business development needs of these innovators and offers insights into the fundamentals of Public Relations (PR) and communications.

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PR & Communications: Aiding Business Development

The mentorship program aims to support African female tech founders in raising the visibility of their startups with various stakeholders. By providing insights into creating a communications plan, mastering the art of business storytelling, managing media relations, and more, the program aims to enhance customer acquisition, audience reach, media coverage, partnerships, and potential direct investment opportunities.
Increasing Reach & Recognition

In its 2022 edition, the program experienced a significant increase in reach, with applications received from 36 African countries – a staggering 91% increase compared to the 2021 edition. The program has been featured in reputable publications such as Forbes, TechCabal, Disrupt Africa, and Tech Trends Kenya, among others, and continues to gain international recognition for its unique initiative.
Benefits: A Tailored Approach to Growth

Selected mentees enjoy three months of mentorship sessions, tailored to their unique startup needs. Benefits of the program include:Customized online masterclasses with Claudine Moore, Managing Director, Africa at Allison+Partners and Adjunct Professor, New York University, as well as the Editor of TechCabal.
Tailored virtual sessions with Allison+partners team members and leading experts from the tech ecosystem relevant to the participant’s business and sector.
Understanding of the fundamentals of PR and communications for Africa-focused startups.
Practical knowledge on storytelling incorporation in communication.
A topline review of the Three T’s of communications: Theme, Tone, and Timing.
Guidance on how to create an actionable communication campaign.
An overview of media relations and their differences across local, regional, and global press.
Tips on business relationship development with various stakeholders.
Eligibility: Open to African Women Tech Innovators

Eligible candidates for the program:Have businesses less than two years old.
Are female-founded or have at least one woman co-founder.
Are Africa-focused, serving African markets or Africans in the Diaspora.
Have an early-stage startup (pre-series A investment).
Have a business plan and a minimum viable product (MVP).
Have a functional website and have launched their startup with initial traction.
Special consideration will be given to startups focusing on health, education, finance, agriculture, sustainability, or those addressing the needs of African women and girls.
How to Apply: Join the Future is Female Journey

The application process is ongoing. Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Future is Female Mentorship Program.

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