Ashesi-ETH Masters Program in Mechatronic Engineering 2023

Ashesi-ETH Masters Program in Mechatronic Engineering 2023

The Ashesi-ETH Masters in Mechatronic Engineering 2023, a collaboration between ETH Zurich, Ashesi University, and industry partners, invites applications. This program prepares graduates for careers in multidisciplinary fields like robotics, automation, manufacturing, and more. Participants will gain competencies through industrial internships and Master project work, guided by industry and academic experts. Graduates will receive job offers from world-leading industry partners. The program covers tuition, accommodation, health insurance, and offers a monthly stipend.

In a collaborative venture between Ashesi University, Ghana, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and industry partners, applications for the prestigious Ashesi-ETH Masters in Mechatronic Engineering 2023 have opened. With an operationally-present industry input, this program aims to equip graduates with specialized competencies and a comprehensive skill set in the exciting and dynamic field of Mechatronic Engineering.

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A Gateway to the Future of Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering is a multidisciplinary field presenting a promising future with diverse applications in robotics, manufacturing, automation, automotive engineering, aerospace, healthcare, agriculture, leisure, entertainment, and much more. This program is an opportunity for students to tap into their potential in this evolving field.

The program encourages the amalgamation of theory and practice, offering students opportunities for industrial internships and Master project work tailored to their interests and career aspirations. With teaching and training under the guidance of renowned experts from academia and industry, graduates are expected to receive direct job offers from world-leading industry partners including ABB, Barry Callebaut, Bühler, HPW, Holcim, Nestlé, and Tetra Pak.
Programme Structure: Building Skills for Industry ExcellenceAdvanced Core Modules: Offering foundational knowledge on mechanical systems’ design and analysis, alongside programming and deployment of embedded devices for various industrial sectors.
Mechatronics and Control Modules: Facilitates understanding of robotic and control system solutions, including data-driven and machine learning techniques.
Energy and Production Systems: Deepens understanding of renewable energy technologies, propulsion systems, and process chain planning.
Engineering in Perspective: Provides context to technical knowledge, honing leadership skills, public policy understanding, and corporate social responsibility for sustainable industrial development in Africa.
The final year comprises an internship to apply learned skills and a Master thesis for professional project and research experience.
Benefits: A Package of OpportunityFull coverage of tuition and other academic fees
Laptop and equipment, accommodation, and health insurance
A monthly stipend and one trip home per year
Onboarding period with scholarship provider for students funded by industry partners, followed by mentorship and industrial internship
On completion, dual-degree certification: Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) from ETH Zurich and a Master of Science (MSc) from Ashesi University.
Eligibility: A Call to Aspiring EngineersOpen to Africans
Applicants must hold a BSc or MSc in Electrical, Electronic, Computer, Mechanical, Process, Mechatronic Engineering or related fields.
Second Class Upper or better
Academic-level proficiency in English.
Selection CriteriaAcademic Qualifications
Curriculum Vitae
Extracurricular Achievements
Working/Internship Experience
Demonstration of Motivation
How to Apply: Embark on an Engineering Adventure

The application deadline is set for July 30, 2023, with rolling admissions in place, so it’s advised to apply early!

Interested individuals can apply here.

For more information, visit Ashesi-ETH Master Program.

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