A Dive Into The Origination Of MUSTIREALMUSIC


Audu Mustapha popularly known as MUSTI a.k.a Mustirealmusic , the Afro-Fusion artist known as the NorthTownBoy From Southside, was born to a northern Nigerian father and a southern Nigerian mother. This blend of cultures profoundly influenced his musical journey, which began in his early childhood.

Growing up in Warri, Musti's love for music was ignited during his time at Isibovbe Primary School and furthering more to Yonwuren College, where he immersed himself in a variety of musical genres.

In Warri, Musti became a local sensation, performing at numerous events and captivating audiences with his unique blend of Afrobeat, highlife, and contemporary pop.

His music, rich with real-life stories and messages, resonated with both young and old, earning him a loyal following he refers to as Family.


Musti's authenticity and powerful lyrics reflected the joys and struggles of everyday life, making his music universally relatable.

Beyond performing, Musti also organized and hosted events in Warri and once in Lagos, further solidifying his presence in the Nigerian music scene.

These experiences honed his skills and expanded his reach, setting the stage for his next big move.

Now, as he rebrands and prepares to take his music to the global stage, Musti remains committed to spreading positive messages through his art.


With his unique sound and compelling performances, he is poised to become a world-class musical artist, bridging cultural and generational gaps with his powerful, authentic music.

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