New Music Alert from AfroGospel artist and singer-songwriter Dr. Christian. It is a captivating and inspiring new single titled "TURNING". The groovy Afrofusion track is a prophetic faith declaration that everything is turning around for our good. It is a song of faith, hope, and testimony. It is available on all major music streaming platforms.

Dr. Christian is renowned for his multifaceted contributions as an author, musical artist, and dynamic preacher. He has penned several influential books that explore the intricacies of faith, discipleship, and Christian living. His music, often infused with lyrical narratives from the Bible, touches the hearts of audiences around the globe.

Dr. Christian's ministries extend into the community, where he actively engages in educational programs, seminars, and conferences, all aimed at nurturing faith and understanding among believers. His work is driven by a passion to equip others with the knowledge and spirit needed to lead lives that fully embody Christian principles.

"TURNING" is the latest single from Dr. Christian and the newest addition to his catalog of inspiring tracks such as "My Life" and "Follow."

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