[BREAKING NEWS] Oil money Celebrates With 500 Children In Port harcourt City, As They Mark Children's Day


 Oil Money is a multifaceted business mogul whose stock-in-trade includes real estate, auto sales, oil and gas, and recently, music promotion.

Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo, better known by his social media nickname, Oil Money, recently unveiled the Oil Money Foundation to help uplift the needy in the society.

According to the entrepreneur, who started his career in real estate and then branched into auto sales, oil and gas, the foundation is his own way of giving back to society.

Oil Money, who is frequently mentioned in the media in connection with his record label, took his foundation team to Phcity to celebrate World Children Day. 

This was coming after media reports about how OilMoney boss distributed food items, including bags of rice and noodles and school materials. 

Promoted to validate the growing reports about his philanthropy, Oil Money, recently told journalists: “Oil Money Foundation (OMF) was founded purposely to help families live a better life. That is why our activities are focused on indigent people, and our programmes tailored to help poor children with their education and health.”

He further added: “We also help families to attain sustainable sources of living by creating  viable businesses.”

Continuing, Kariboye-Igbo disclosed that the foundation has also recently reached out to widows in Lagos and Edo states, confirming earlier reports about how he assisted 20 widows with the donation of food items and mattresses

“We considered widows among those that are vulnerable in society, and given the harsh economic reality of Nigeria, they are accorded high priority in all our programmes.

“All the same, Oil Money Foundation attends to the needy generally in the society, irrespective of gender, religion or ethnicity.”

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