Oshodi High School, Lagos, Secures Second Runner-up Position in Sahara STEAMers Regional Competition

Oshodi High School, Lagos, Secures Second Runner-up Position in Sahara STEAMers Regional Competition

In an era where innovation and creativity are key to solving real-world problems, the Sahara STEAMers Grand Demo Competition 2.0 has emerged as a beacon of hope, especially for Africa's young minds. This prestigious event, aimed at elevating STEAM education among secondary school students, has not only provided a platform for over 200 students across Africa to showcase their ingenious solutions but has also highlighted the incredible potential residing within the continent's youth. With Team Young Genius from Nigeria making waves with their Domestic Drainage System, the question remains: how can such initiatives change the course of our future?

In a groundbreaking display of innovation, Team Young Genius from Oshodi High School, Lagos, Nigeria has emerged as the second runner-up of Sahara STEAMers Grand Demo Competition 2.0. The competition, now in its second year, is organized by the Sahara Group Foundation, the social sustainability vehicle for Sahara Group Limited, in collaboration with STEMCafe.

This year’s programme, aimed at fostering innovation, creativity, and excellence in STEAM education among secondary school students in Africa, directly impacted over 200 students across the continent. The programme, designed to provide participants access to deep-dive classroom learning, equipped the participating students with the practical knowledge and skills required to generate innovative solutions for real-world problems. Therefore, helping to create a pipeline of young, confident social innovators across Africa.

The top three teams to emerge from the respective National Demo Competitions in 2023 went on to represent their respective countries in the Grand Demo Day Competition. All twelve teams presented ingenious prototype designs of their solutions spanning various sectors, including agriculture, energy, waste management, health, and transportation before a panel of judges.

The Grand Demo Competition showdown was indeed a keenly contested competition among teams hailing from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Emerging as this year’s regional champions was Team Imperial Tech from Rise and Shine Secondary School, Uganda, with their innovation of a Soil Moisture Detector, a farm-friendly solution aimed at preventing over-cultivation and promoting soil quality and increased productivity.

In second position was Team Smart Blind Walking Stick from St Georges Girls Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya, who developed cutting-edge solution to assist visually impaired individuals in their movement.

Securing the third position in the competition was Team Young Genius from Oshodi High School, Lagos, Nigeria, comprised of Francis Kingdavid, Njima Chibuike, Adewale Fathia, Chibuisi Goodluck, and Ukoh Success. The team’s outstanding achievement is attributed to their groundbreaking project—an innovative Domestic Drainage System meticulously designed to address the pervasive issue of drainage blockage in our society. Their forward-thinking solution not only demonstrates their commitment to environmental cleanliness but also positions them as critical thinkers in devising practical, impactful solutions for the challenges faced by our communities.

Speaking at the Grand Demo Competition, Ejiro Gray, Director of the Sahara Group Foundation, expressed immense delight at the students’ commitment and determination throughout the stages of the programme. Reflecting on the nine-month programme, she highlighted its success in inspiring creativity and critical thinking skills among students, fostering a new wave of problem solvers for Africa.

Ejiro Gray commended the winning teams and urged all participants to apply the skills acquired from the programme to the benefit of their communities and society at large. She extended her gratitude to the participating students, teachers, school administrators, as well as the implementing partner STEMCafe and other stakeholders for their invaluable contributions to the programme’s success.

Also speaking at the event, Chinyelu Akpa, Business Development Manager, STEM Café highlighted the profound significance of the Sahara STEAMers programme to our society. She emphasized the crucial role played by the partnership with the Sahara Group Foundation as the sponsoring partner, stating that it is collaborations like this help to create significant impact in the lives of these students. She added that “programmes like this offer young minds a gateway to a world of possibilities and inspires them to envision a future where their creativity and innovation can make a transformative difference”.

As the curtains draw on the Sahara STEAMers Grand Demo Competition 2.0, the impact of this transformative initiative echoes beyond the competition arena. The inspiring innovation witnessed at this event underscores the programme’s pivotal role in nurturing a generation ready to tackle Africa’s challenges with ingenuity and resilience. This accomplishment resonates not only as a testament to the potential within our youth but as a beacon illuminating the path towards a future where innovation thrives for the betterment of our communities and the continent at large.

The Sahara Group Foundation and Asharami Synergy, Kenya, remain steadfast in their commitment to advancing programmes that propel Africa into a future characterized by innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives like Sahara STEAMers, we will continue to help pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, where the brilliance of African youth shines as a driving force for positive change and progress.

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