Live Performance! Burna Boy Duets with Toni Braxton on “last last”

Afrobeat singer, Ebunoluwa Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy on Saturday surprised music fans when he brought on stage American actress and songstress, Toni Braxton to perform his Hit song ‘Last Last’.

Burna Boy
Burna Boy

Burna Boy held a sold-out concert at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Saturday.

Some clips of his concert have taken the trends on social media with the moment Braxton joined him on stage capturing the hearts of music fans.

Braxton joined Burna Boy as she sampled ‘Last Last  with some dancing moves that enthralled the crowd and got them singing along.

This is not the first time that Burna Boy will be selling out international venues during this concert abroad.

Last year, he sold out the Lanxess Arena.

US city, Boston declares March 2 ‘Burna Boy Day’
Recently, the City of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, declared March 2 as “Burna Boy Day”, in recognition of the Nigerian artiste’s performances and advocacy works.

This was disclosed in a letter signed by Ruthzee Louijeune, the Boston City Councilor.

The letter reads:

“Singer and songwriter Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, known professionally as “Burna Boy, was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and is now a global cultural icon who has helped introduce and popularize afrobeats to the entire world.

“For too long, mainstream narratives have marginalized African voices and overlooked the richness of the continent’s cultural heritage, with Burna Boy’s rise to prominence highlighting a shift in this paradigm.

“Burna Boy proudly embraces his Nigerian and African identity, infusing it with contemporary sounds to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide, thereby challenging stereotypes about African artistry and opening doors for aspiring artistes from similar backgrounds.

“Through his performances and advocacy work, Burna Boy amplifies the voices of marginalized communities and advocates for their recognition and rights.

”Using his platform not only to entertain but also to educate and inspire, starting conversations about social justice, equity, and representation.

“Nigeria is the largest source of African immigration in the United States and Massachusett is one of the top 10 states with the highest Nigerian-born population, according to the American Community Survey.

“Boston’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating culture and diversity is evident in the range of cultural events, festivals, and community initiatives that showcase the city’s multicultural landscape.

“Burna Boy’s legacy serves as a reminder of possibility, reminding us to continue amplifying voices that have long been silenced or overlooked.

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