From Pen Resource to North-Eastern: Unveiling Gombe's Renamed University

From Pen Resource to North-Eastern: Unveiling Gombe's Renamed University

Have you heard the latest buzz from Gombe? Pen Resource University has embarked on a new chapter as North-Eastern University, Gombe, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards academic excellence and regional development. This historic change, officiated by His Royal Highness Alhaji (Dr.) Abubakar Shehu Abubakar III, Emir of Gombe, signifies more than just a new name; it heralds a vision of becoming a nexus for development in North-Eastern Nigeria.

In a significant milestone reached on the 4th of March, 2024, the esteemed Pen Resource University, Gombe, embraced a new identity as North-Eastern University, Gombe. This historic transformation was celebrated in a ceremony led by our revered father, His Royal Highness, Alhaji (Dr.) Abubakar Shehu Abubakar III, CFR, Emir of Gombe, and Chairman of the Gombe State Council of Emirs and Chiefs.
πŸ†• New Name North-Eastern University, Gombe
πŸŽ“ Faculties 4
πŸ“š Degree Programmes 27
🌿 Research Centre African Medicinal Plants
🀲 Vision To be among the top 10 universities in Nigeria
🎨 Logo Symbolism Brainpower, Strength, Wealth, Peace, and Potential
πŸ“… Announcement 4th March 2024
🏫 Founded by Dr Sani Jauro (Danlawan of Gombe)

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The Legacy and Vision

North-Eastern University, Gombe, originates from the prestigious Pen Resource Academy, Gombe, a beacon of excellence in academics, morals, and ethics in the North-Eastern region and Nigeria as a whole. This transition from Academy to University was envisioned to leverage the existing goodwill, integrity, and excellence synonymous with Pen Resource Academy, thereby earning public confidence and surpassing expectations in all academic standards.
Rapid Growth and Expansion

Within just two years of its inception, the University has established four faculties, twenty-seven degree programmes, and a pioneering Centre for African Medicinal Plants Research among others. This expansion signifies the university’s readiness to chart its independent course, underpinning its maturity and capacity for greater achievements.
A Name with Purpose

The choice of the name North-Eastern University, Gombe was deliberate, reflecting a long-held vision to cultivate an institution that embodies the character and aspirations of the North-Eastern region of Nigeria. This university aims to harness the region’s rich resources, including its intellectual capital, moral values, and natural endowments, towards the development of not just the nation but humanity at large.
Mission and Logo Symbolism

The university’s mission is clear: to serve as a nexus for development by bringing together the North-Eastern region’s vast resources for the betterment of mankind. The logo—featuring a book and pen to represent intellectual prowess, a bull and fertile land to symbolize strength and wealth, coloured in white for peace and sky blue representing limitless potential, all shielded in protection—encapsulates this mission.
Commitment to Excellence

In the words of the Pro-Chancellor and Founder, Dr. Sani Jauro (Danlawan of Gombe), the university is steadfast in its commitment to becoming one of the top 10 universities in Nigeria within its first decade. This ambition is backed by a collective effort from all stakeholders, driven by a shared belief in the university’s potential to achieve greatness.

The renaming of Pen Resource University to North-Eastern University, Gombe is not merely a change of name but a reaffirmation of the institution’s growth, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As it embarks on this new chapter, North-Eastern University stands ready to forge a path of innovation, development, and unity, shaping the future of the North-Eastern region and beyond. With every stakeholder’s effort, the university’s journey towards becoming a leading light in education and development is assured, by the grace of God.

Dr. Sani Jauro extends his gratitude for the unwavering support and invites all to witness and contribute to the unfolding story of North-Eastern University, Gombe—a story of ambition, development, and unity in the heart of Nigeria.

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