Join the Youth of Enterprise GreenStart Programme: Empower Your Career

Join the Youth of Enterprise GreenStart Programme: Empower Your Career

With youth unemployment and underemployment at the forefront of national concerns, the PwC/EnterpriseNGR Youth of Enterprise’s GreenStart Programme emerges as a beacon of hope for Nigerian youth. But what makes this internship programme stand out? How does it aim to prepare you for Nigeria's dynamic labour force? Offering employability skills, mentorship, and practical training, this initiative promises more than just an internship experience. Read on to discover how this program can be a game-changer in your professional development journey.

Are you a young Nigerian looking to enhance your employability and carve a successful career path? The PwC/EnterpriseNGR Youth of Enterprise’s GreenStart Programme is now accepting applications, offering an exceptional opportunity to jumpstart your career. This initiative is a strategic response to the challenges of youth unemployment and under-employment in Nigeria, aiming to bolster capacity within the private sector.
πŸš€ Programme Goal Enhance Employability, On-the-job Training
🌍 Location Nigeria
πŸ“† Deadline 15 February 2024
🀝 Partnership FPS Sector and Other Industries
πŸ› ️ Skills Gained Employability Skills, Mentorship
πŸ’‘ Training Mode Robust Curriculum, Learning Management System
πŸ” Placement Employer-Intern Matching, Post-Internship Support
πŸŽ“ Target Audience Nigerian Youth

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What is the Youth of Enterprise (YOE) Internship Programme?

The YOE Internship Programme, a developmental initiative by EnterpriseNGR, focuses on equipping Nigerian youth with essential skills and experiences, thus positioning them for success in the competitive labour market.
Key Benefits of the Programme:Employability Skills: Enhance your job-readiness with vital skills that employers seek.
On-the-Job Training: Gain practical experience in a real-world work environment.
Mentorship: Receive guidance and insights from industry experts.
Zero Cost: The programme is entirely free, ensuring accessibility for all eligible candidates.
The YOE Internship Programme Approach
1. PARTNERSHIP:Collaborations with the FPS Sector and other sectors.
Application process facilitated through bespoke technology.
Rigorous identity verification, assessments, and screening.
2. TRAINING:Access to a robust curriculum and a highly engaging Learning Management System.
Involvement in reading and team activities to foster collaborative and critical thinking skills.
3. PLACEMENT:Effective employer-intern matching system.
Comprehensive on-the-job training for practical learning.
Ongoing post-internship support and mentorship to ensure sustained career development.
How to Apply

Embark on your journey towards becoming a standout candidate in Nigeria’s workforce by applying to the Youth of Enterprise Internship Programme. For more information and to apply, visit the Official Webpage of the PwC/EnterpriseNGR Youth of Enterprise’s GreenStart Programme.

Application Deadline: 15 February 2024

This initiative is more than just an internship; it’s a comprehensive programme designed to prepare you for the challenges of the modern workplace. If you’re eager to develop your employability skills and gain invaluable experience, don’t miss this chance. Apply for the Youth of Enterprise’s GreenStart Programme today and take a significant step towards a thriving career.

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