Join the 17th Orientation & Matriculation Ceremony at KSCHST Idah - 22nd February 2024

Join the 17th Orientation & Matriculation Ceremony at KSCHST Idah - 22nd February 2024

Are you ready to be part of a significant milestone in the lives of new students at Kogi State College of Health Sciences and Technology (KSCHST), Idah? The institution is set to celebrate its 17th Orientation & Matriculation Ceremony, a pivotal event marking the beginning of an academic journey for many. Scheduled for 22nd February 2024, this ceremony is a vibrant showcase of the college's commitment to excellence in health science education.

πŸ“… Date 22nd February 2024
⏰ Time 10:00am Prompt
πŸ“ Venue College Campus, KSCHST Idah
πŸŽ“ Event 17th Orientation & Matriculation Ceremony
πŸ—£️ Host Acting Provost San. Umar Anataku Shaibu
πŸŽ‰ Attendees Parents, Guardians, Stakeholders, General Public
πŸ“š Occasion Welcoming new students
πŸ“£ Invitation Open to All

In an exciting announcement for the academic community and beyond, the Kogi State College of Health Sciences and Technology (KSCHST), Idah, is set to host its 17th Orientation and Matriculation Ceremony. Under the esteemed guidance of the Acting Provost, San. Umar Anataku Shaibu, this pivotal event welcomes new students into the college’s vibrant academic family. The ceremony is a cornerstone of the college’s academic calendar, symbolising the beginning of students’ journey towards professional excellence in the health sciences sector.

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Event DetailsDate: Thursday, 22nd February 2024
Time: The ceremony will commence at 10:00 am prompt, marking the start of an engaging and informative programme designed to orientate new students to college life.
Venue: The gathering will take place within the serene and picturesque grounds of the College Campus, offering a perfect backdrop for this significant milestone in students’ academic careers.
An Invitation to Celebrate

The college extends a warm invitation to parents, guardians, and critical stakeholders in the education sector, as well as members of the general public. This event is not only a celebration of the students’ entry into their chosen fields of study but also an opportunity for the college to showcase its commitment to nurturing the next generation of health science professionals.
Why Attend?

The Orientation and Matriculation Ceremony is more than just a formal event; it’s a foundational step for new students. It provides an essential introduction to the college’s academic expectations, values, and resources. For parents and guardians, it’s a moment of pride and a chance to engage with the institution that will play a pivotal role in shaping their wards’ futures.

The 17th Orientation and Matriculation Ceremony of KSCHST, Idah, is a testament to the college’s enduring commitment to academic excellence and student success. As we look forward to welcoming new students and celebrating this new chapter in their academic journey, the college reaffirms its dedication to providing a nurturing environment for the holistic development of future health professionals. Join us in marking this significant occasion, as we embark on another exciting academic year filled with opportunities for learning, growth, and innovation.

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