FUTA Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Key Dates & Deadlines

FUTA Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Key Dates & Deadlines

As a student at FUTA, staying ahead with the academic calendar for the 2023/2024 session is crucial for your success. The newly released calendar covers all the essential dates and activities for both semesters, including registration, lectures, exams, and breaks. Understanding these dates is key to managing your academic workload efficiently. So, what exactly does the calendar entail, and how can you best prepare for each phase of the academic year? Let's delve into the details of the FUTA academic calendar to help you plan effectively.

The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) has released its comprehensive academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session. This calendar is crucial for all undergraduate students, both fresh and returning, as it outlines the key dates and activities for the upcoming academic year.
Academic Year πŸ“… 2023/2024
First Semester Start πŸš€ 29th January 2024
Matriculation πŸŽ“ 12th March 2024
First Semester Exams πŸ“ 13th May – 1st June 2024
Second Semester Start 🌟 10th June 2024
Second Semester Exams πŸ“˜ 23rd September – 7th October 2024
Holidays & Breaks πŸ–️ Mid-Semester Breaks, Workers’ & Independence Day
Registration Deadlines ⏰ Normal & Late Registration Periods

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FUTA Academic Calendar for the First Semester 2023/2024
Important Dates and ActivitiesMonday, 29th January, 2024: Registration Portal Opens and Online Registration commences for all Undergraduate Students.
Sunday, 4th February, 2024: Arrival date for all Students.
Monday, 5th February, 2024: Physical Registration and Lecture Commencement for Returning Students.
Monday, 12th & Tuesday 13th February, 2024: Departmental Board of Examiners meets to review the 2nd Semester, 2022/2023 Academic Session Results.
Thursday, 15th & Friday 16th February, 2024: Schools Board of Examiners convenes for the same purpose.
Monday, 12th to Friday, 16th February, 2024: Orientation for Fresh Students.
Monday, 19th February, 2024: Late Registration begins alongside Lecture Commencement for Fresh Students.
Wednesday, 28th February, 2024: 318th Senate meeting on the 2nd Semester, 2022/2023 Academic Session Results.
Tuesday, 12th March, 2024: Matriculation Ceremony.
Thursday, 14th–Saturday, 16th March, 2024: Mid-Semester Break.
Monday, 18th March, 2024: Lectures Resume.
Wednesday, 1st May, 2024: Workers’ Day.
Friday, 3rd May, 2024: Lectures End.
Monday, 6th May – Friday 10th May, 2024: Lecture-Free Week.
Monday 13th May – Saturday, 1st June, 2024: First Semester Examinations.
Monday 3rd June – Saturday 22nd June, 2024: Inter-Semester Break.
Semester SummaryTotal Duration: 17 Weeks (13 Weeks of Lectures, 1-week Lecture-Free, 3 Weeks of Examinations).
FUTA Academic Calendar for the Second Semester 2023/2024
Key Dates and ActivitiesMonday, 10th June, 2024: Registration Portal Opens.
Sunday, 23rd June, 2024: Arrival Date for Students.
Monday, 24th June, 2024: Registration Continues and Lectures Commence.
Saturday, 13th July, 2024: Normal Registration Closes.
Monday, 8th–9th July, 2024: Departmental Board of Examiners meets for 1st Semester Results.
Thursday, 11th – Friday 12th July, 2024: Schools Board of Examiners meeting for the same.
Monday, 15th – Friday, 19th July, 2024: Late Registration.
Wednesday, 31st July, 2024: 323rd Senate meeting on 1st Semester Results.
Thursday, 1st – Saturday, 3rd August, 2024: Mid-Semester Break.
Monday, 5th August, 2024: Lectures Resume.
Friday, 13th September, 2024: Lectures End.
Monday, 16th – Friday, 20th September, 2024: Lecture-Free Week.
Monday, 23rd September – 7th October 2024: Second Semester Examinations.
Tuesday, 1st October, 2024: Independence Day.
Tuesday, 8th Oct. – Saturday 16th November, 2024: Inter-Session Break.
Semester SummaryTotal Duration: 15 Weeks (12 Weeks of Lectures including 2 weeks for Registration; 1-week Lecture-Free; 2 Weeks of Examinations).
Conclusion: Stay Informed and Prepared

As a student at FUTA, staying informed about the academic calendar is crucial for planning and managing your studies effectively. This detailed guide is designed to help you navigate through the academic year with ease. Keep these dates in mind and prepare accordingly to ensure a successful and smooth academic session. Best of luck in the upcoming year at FUTA!

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