DSUST Reopens Admission Portal for 2023/2024

DSUST Reopens Admission Portal for 2023/2024

Ever wondered if second chances truly exist, especially in the rigorous journey of securing a university spot? Well, the Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST) is bringing this notion to life by reopening its portal for the 2023/2024 admission exercise. But, what does this mean for those still on the sidelines, and how can you jump on this unexpected opportunity? Let's unpack the details and see how you can make your academic aspirations a reality.

In a significant announcement that offers a new lease of hope for many aspiring students, the Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST) has decided to reopen its portal for the continuation of the 2023/2024 academic session’s admission exercise. This pivotal update is specifically directed towards the university community, particularly those candidates who have taken part in the 2023/2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and achieved a score of 140 or above.
πŸŽ“ Score Requirement 140 in UTME
πŸ•‘ Application Window 2 weeks only
πŸš€ Opportunity Fill vacancies in courses
πŸ“‘ NUC Capacity To meet NUC allotted capacity
πŸ“£ Announcement Portal reopened for admissions
πŸ“… Academic Session 2023/2024
🌐 Portal Status Open for a limited time
πŸ’‘ Advice Apply before closure

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A Second Chance for Aspiring Students

This decision to reopen the admission portal underscores DSUST’s commitment to inclusivity and the desire to offer every eligible student the opportunity to pursue higher education within its esteemed halls. The reopening is designed to accommodate candidates who, for various reasons, were unable to secure admission into their chosen courses during the initial phase of the admission process.
Filling Vacancies to Maximize Educational Opportunities

The underlying aim of this reopening is to fill up the remaining vacancies within the university’s capacity, as allocated by the National Universities Commission (NUC). This move is not only beneficial for the students, providing them with a much-needed second opportunity but also ensures that DSUST fully utilizes its resources and capacities to foster educational growth.
Critical Information for ApplicantsDeadline for Application: It is imperative for interested candidates to note that they have a two-week window to apply through the reopened portal. This deadline is strict, and the portal will not be reopened until the next admission cycle. Therefore, prompt action is required.
Eligibility Criteria: The reopening specifically targets candidates who have participated in the UTME for the academic year 2023/2024 and have scored at least 140. This criterion is in line with the university’s commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence while providing access to quality education for a broader spectrum of students.
How to Apply

Candidates wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should visit the official DSUST website without delay. The process is streamlined to ensure ease of access and application, reflecting the university’s dedication to user-friendly experiences for prospective students.


The decision by Delta State University of Science and Technology to reopen its admission portal is a testament to its flexible and student-centered approach to education. By providing this additional opportunity for admission, DSUST is reinforcing its role as a leading institution that prioritises the academic aspirations and success of its students.

For those who dream of advancing their education at DSUST but missed the initial admission phase, this announcement serves as a crucial call to action. With limited time available and the promise of not reopening the portal until a new admission year, immediate action is essential. This extension is a rare chance to become part of the DSUST community and embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.

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