DSUST Ozoro Fee Payment Advisory for CA and Exams - Official Notice

DSUST Ozoro Fee Payment Advisory for CA and Exams - Official Notice

Are you a student at Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST), Ozoro, gearing up for your upcoming Continuous Assessment (CA) and first semester exams? Wondering why timely payment of your school fees is crucial this semester? DSUST management has issued an important notice regarding school fees payment and its impact on your eligibility for CA and exams. Let's dive into what you need to know to avoid any hiccups in your academic progress this semester

As a student of the Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST), Ozoro, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest guidelines from the university’s management, especially concerning the payment of school fees. This post aims to provide you with essential information regarding the implications of timely fee payment on your academic activities, particularly Continuous Assessment (CA) and examinations.
🏫 University Delta State University of Science and Technology
πŸ“… CA & Exams First Semester, Ending in March
πŸ’° Fee Payment Mandatory for CA Participation
❌ No CA for Non-Payers Exclusion from Continuous Assessment
🚫 Exam Restrictions No Entry for Exams Without Fee Payment
🚨 Payment Warning Use Only University ICT Centre for Payments
⚠️ Risk Alert Avoid Unauthorised Payment Platforms
πŸ“£ Official Advisory Management’s Directive to All Students

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Mandatory Payment of School Fees for CA and Exam Participation

The management of DSUST has issued a clear directive: school fees must be paid promptly. This payment is not just a financial transaction but a prerequisite for participating in the Continuous Assessment (CA) exercises, which are integral to your academic progress.
Consequences of Non-PaymentStudents who fail to pay their fees will not be allowed to engage in any Continuous Assessment activities.
Furthermore, non-payment of school fees also means you will be barred from taking the first semester examination, which is scheduled for the end of March.
Avoiding Unauthorised Payment Platforms
Guidance on Fee PaymentThe university has noted concerns regarding extortion and complications arising from unauthorised payment platforms.
To safeguard your financial transactions and academic records, it is strongly advised to use only the University ICT Centre for the payment of your school fees.
This centre is the sole authorised platform for such transactions.
Risk of Alternative Methods: Students choosing to use other payment methods outside the institution’s portal are doing so at their own risk.

Paying your school fees on time at DSUST, Ozoro, is not just about fulfilling a financial obligation; it’s about ensuring your full participation in the academic processes of Continuous Assessment and examinations. Adhering to the prescribed payment method is equally important to avoid any complications or risks. Stay informed, make timely payments, and ensure you’re on track for a successful academic semester.

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