Dorcas Muthoni Fellowship 2024: Empowering African Women in ICT

Dorcas Muthoni Fellowship 2024: Empowering African Women in ICT

Taking a giant leap in your academic and professional journey, especially in ICT, is a dream for many, but for African women, it's often a challenge. The Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship, open for 2024, is here to change that. Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of Dorcas Muthoni and break barriers in tech? How can this fellowship transform your career and impact gender equality in ICT? Dive into this article to uncover the benefits, eligibility, and application process for this life-changing opportunity.

If you’re an ambitious African woman with a passion for ICT, the 2024 Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship presents an unparalleled opportunity to advance your academic and professional journey. This fellowship, a tribute to Dr. Dorcas Muthoni, an esteemed Kenyan engineer and entrepreneur, is now open for applications. It is specifically designed to honour Dr. Muthoni’s significant contributions in encouraging engineering studies among young African women, her mentorship role, and her dedication to combating poverty.
🌍 Eligibility African female students with an M.Sc degree
πŸŽ“ Fellowship Aim Gender equality in ICT, Empower women
πŸ’Ό Research Areas Various ICT disciplines
πŸ… Tribute to Dorcas Muthoni, ICT Pioneer
πŸ’° Financial Support Salary, startup fund, teaching assistance
πŸ“… Application Deadline 2nd May 2024 at 23:59 CET
🀝 Fellowship Benefits Salary, startup fund, teaching assistance
πŸ“š Required Documents Application, Motivation letter, Passport

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Who Was Dorcas Muthoni?

Dr. Dorcas Muthoni, the CEO and founder of Openworld, was honoured with the highest recognition from the university on 15th December 2017. Her relentless efforts in promoting engineering among young African women, mentoring youth, and addressing social challenges have been inspirational.
Eligibility Criteria for the Fellowship

The Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship is exclusive to talented African female students who hold an M.Sc degree or equivalent. If you’re an African national, aged between 18 and 35, and ready to commit to an intensive PhD program in ICT, this fellowship is for you.
What Does the Fellowship Offer?
Objectives:Promoting gender equality in ICT: Aiming to narrow the gender gap in this field by empowering women to pursue scientific and technological careers.
Enhancing research skills: Offering access to more than 20 active research groups in the ICT department.
Contributing to social impact: Encouraging fellows to return to their home countries post-study to advance ICT careers there.
Research Areas:

The fellowship covers a wide range of ICT disciplines, including but not limited to:Artificial Intelligence
Computational Neuroscience
Data Mining
Benefits:Financial Support: A predoctoral contract with a competitive salary.
Teaching Experience: Involvement in teaching assistance.
Start-up Fund: An initial fund of 2500€ to cover initial expenditures.

Please note, the scholarship is designed to support only one individual without provisions for family members.
How to Apply for Dorcas Muthoni PhD FellowshipUPF ICT PhD Programme Application: Submit your application along with a support letter from a potential supervisor.
Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship Application: Complete the official fellowship application form.
Motivation Letter: Articulate your motivations and expected impact post-PhD.
Preferred Teaching Subjects: Select your teaching preferences and get the form signed by your potential PhD Supervisor.
Passport Copy: Provide a digital copy of your passport.

For further information and to apply, visit the Official Webpage of the Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship.
Application Details:Deadline: 2nd May 2024 at 23:59 CET.
Application Process: Submission of a detailed application, including a motivation letter and preferred teaching subjects, to the specified email address.

This fellowship is a chance to follow in Dr. Muthoni’s footsteps, contributing significantly to the ICT sector and gender equality in Africa. If you meet the criteria and are driven by a desire to make an impact in the tech world, apply now for the Dorcas Muthoni PhD Fellowship. Your journey towards making a difference in ICT and beyond starts here!

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