Azman University School Fees for 2023/2024 – Plan Your Academic Budget

Azman University School Fees for 2023/2024 – Plan Your Academic Budget

Are you planning your budget for the 2023/2024 academic session at Azman University, Kano? Wondering how much the school fees will set you back for various undergraduate programmes? Have you considered the costs for courses like Biotechnology, Cyber Security, and Aviation Management? How about accommodation options – have you factored in these additional expenses? Isn’t it crucial to have all this financial information as you prepare for your academic year?

Azman University, Kano, has recently announced its school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session. This update is essential for both prospective and current undergraduate students planning their educational finances. The university has outlined the tuition, accommodation, and other fees, providing clarity and transparency in its fee structure.
🏫 Programmes Various Undergraduate Courses
πŸ’° Tuition Fees Range from 1,352,500.00 to 1,818,000.00 NGN
🏠 Accommodation Male: 650,000.00 NGN, Female: 800,000.00 NGN
πŸ“… Academic Year 2023/2024
πŸŽ“ Course Examples Biotechnology, Aviation Management, Public Health, etc.
πŸ’» IT Courses Computer Science, Cyber Security, Software Engineering
πŸ“ˆ Business Courses Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration
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Azman University School Fees Breakdown
Tuition Fees for Various Programmes

Azman University offers a range of undergraduate programmes, each with its specific fee structure. Here’s a detailed look at the tuition fees for different courses:
Science and Technology ProgrammesB.Sc. Biotechnology: ₦1,693,000.00
B.Sc. Microbiology: ₦1,693,000.00
B.Sc. Computer Science: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Cyber Security: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Data Science: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Information Technology: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Software Engineering: ₦1,597,500.00
Health Sciences ProgrammesB.Sc. Public Health: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Health Care Administration and Hospital Management: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Environmental Health Science: ₦1,597,500.00
B.Sc. Health Information Management: ₦1,597,500.00
Business and Management ProgrammesB.Sc. Accounting: ₦1,352,500.00
B.Sc. Aviation Management: ₦1,818,000.00
B.Sc. Aviation Security: ₦1,818,000.00
B.Sc. Business Administration: ₦1,352,500.00
B.Sc. Economics: ₦1,352,500.00
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship: ₦1,352,500.00
B.Sc. International Relations: ₦1,352,500.00
B.Sc. Procurement Management: ₦1,352,500.00
B.Sc. Public Administration: ₦1,352,500.00
Accommodation Fees (Optional)Male Students: ₦650,000.00
Female Students: ₦800,000.00

For detailed information about the fee structure, visit Azman University Fees.

Plan Your Academic Finances with Azman University

Choosing the right course is as crucial as understanding the financial commitment it entails. Azman University’s clear delineation of fees for each programme ensures that students and their families can make informed decisions about their educational investments. Whether you are enrolling in a science, health, or business programme, understanding these costs is key to a stress-free academic journey.
In Summary

As you prepare to embark on or continue your educational journey at Azman University, keep these fee structures in mind. With this information, you can plan your finances effectively, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the upcoming academic year. Remember, investing in your education at Azman University is a step towards a promising future.

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