Apply for NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 3: Boost Your IT Career

Apply for NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 3: Boost Your IT Career

Are you ready to advance your tech skills with world-class certifications? The NITDA/Coursera Scholarship, now in its third cohort, offers this unique opportunity for Nigerian citizens. But what are these certifications, and how can they catapult your IT career? Let's dive into the details of this collaboration between NITDA, Google, and Coursera, and explore how it can transform your professional trajectory in the tech industry.

NITDA (National Information Technology Development Agency), in partnership with Coursera, is delighted to announce the third cohort of the NITDA/Coursera Scholarship program. This program is a golden opportunity for Nigerian citizens to attain professional certifications from tech giants like Meta, Google, and IBM, as well as from top US universities. If you’re aspiring to excel in the tech field, this scholarship is a stepping stone to achieving that goal.
🌐 Collaboration NITDA, Coursera
πŸŽ“ Categories IT Career Pathway, Complementary Skills Pathway
πŸ” Selection Process Choose one certification from each category
πŸ“ Application Via NITDA links
🎁 Scholarship Coursera license for 6 months
✍️ Enrollment One certification at a time
πŸ•’ Program Duration Six months
πŸ† Certification From Meta, Google, IBM, US universities

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Program Structure: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Future in IT
Categories of Certification Programs:Category A (IT Career Pathway):This category offers 20 professional certification programs geared towards launching successful IT careers. It encompasses a series of interconnected courses, each designed to impart comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. Certificates of completion are awarded for individual courses, and a professional certification is conferred upon completing the entire program.
Category B (Complementary Skills Pathway):Here, you will find 4 certification programs that enhance IT career skills. These programs focus on digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, and freelancing skills, complementing your technical expertise.
Selection Process:Applicants need to choose one certification program from both Category A and Category B.
Program Duration:Each scholar will have six months to utilise the Coursera license, a period in which maximizing learning opportunities is highly encouraged.
Scholarship Benefits:Successful candidates will be granted a Coursera license via email, which includes a joining link.
The license is valid for six months, during which scholars are expected to complete as many certifications as possible.
Application Details:Detailed program information and specifics about the professional certifications can be accessed through the program links.
Enrolment Procedure:Enrol in your chosen program using the provided Coursera joining link.
Note: You can only be enrolled in one certification at a time from the 3MTT (3 Months to Top) 12 core skills.
The Scholarship’s Impact on Your Career

This program is in line with NITDA’s mission to boost IT education and equip individuals with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic tech landscape. By securing these certifications, you’ll not only enhance your professional profile but also position yourself strategically in the tech industry.
How to Apply

Don’t miss this chance to advance your tech career. Click here to apply and embark on a journey towards tech mastery. Remember, the NITDA/Coursera Scholarship is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a catalyst for your future success in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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