AAU Simplifies Certificate Collection for Graduates - Learn How!

AAU Simplifies Certificate Collection for Graduates - Learn How!

Are you a graduate of Ambrose Alli University, tired of the hassles in collecting your certificate? Good news: AAU has revolutionised its certificate issuance process! But what changes have been made, and how will they affect you? Let's delve into the new, streamlined system designed to ensure you receive your certificate effortlessly and without the need to navigate hazardous journeys.

Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, has introduced a new set of guidelines for issuing certificates to its graduates, a significant move to streamline the process and alleviate the challenges faced by its alumni. The university management recognises the difficulties encountered by graduates, including the arduous journeys many undertake, often through treacherous roads, to collect their certificates.
πŸŽ“ AAU Certificates Collected upon graduation
πŸ”„ Process Steps Senate approval, ICT fee payment, Calligraphy, Signatories
⌚ Efficiency Signature within 48 hours
πŸ’· Fee Submission To Senate Services Division
🏷️ Certificate Issue Sealed and issued to graduate
πŸ›£️ Travel Reduction Eliminates need for hazardous journeys
🀝 Stakeholder Roles Lecturers, HODs, Deans, Students
πŸš€ New Regime Seamless certificate issuance process

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The New Process: Efficient and Graduation-Focused

To enhance the efficiency of certificate collection, AAU has established a structured approach:Approval of Final Year Results:Once the Senate approves final year results, a copy is sent to Exams and Records for processing the Statement of Result.
ICT Notification for Certificate Fee:Concurrently, a copy is forwarded to the ICT department to ensure graduates have paid the necessary Certificate fee.
Certificate Inscription:Another copy goes to the calligrapher for the inscription of the Certificate.
Signature Acquisition:The University ensures that signatories – the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar – append their signatures within 48 hours.
Certificate Issuance:Upon presenting the Certificate processing fee to the Senate Services Division, the Certificate is sealed and issued to the graduate.
Collaborative Effort for a Seamless Process

AAU calls for the cooperation of all stakeholders – lecturers, Heads of Departments, Deans, and, crucially, the graduating students – to facilitate this new, seamless certificate issuance process. The objective is to ensure that graduates can receive their certificates promptly before leaving the campus, marking a significant shift from the previous system.


This new procedure at Ambrose Alli University represents a significant step towards enhancing the post-graduation experience. It’s a change that promises to bring relief and convenience to numerous graduates, ensuring they can start their post-university life without the added stress of certificate collection. For current and prospective students of AAU, this development is a welcome change, aligning with the university’s commitment to student welfare and academic excellence.

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