2023/2024 FCE Jama'are Screening Exercise: Complete Your Admission Process

2023/2024 FCE Jama'are Screening Exercise: Complete Your Admission Process

For new students of the Federal College of Education, Jama'are, the journey to the 2023/2024 academic year begins with the crucial screening exercise. From presenting your original certificates to submitting passport photographs, this process is key to confirming your admission. But what exactly do you need to bring? How long do you have to complete this process? Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate through the screening exercise seamlessly.

The Federal College of Education, Jama’are, has officially commenced its screening exercise for newly admitted students for the 2023/2024 academic session. This post serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing all the necessary information and documents required for you, as a newly admitted student, to successfully complete this crucial process.
College Name 🏫 Federal College of Education, Jama’are
Academic Year πŸ“… 2023/2024
Screening Start πŸš€ 01 February 2024
Duration ⏳ Two Weeks
Required Documents πŸ“„ Certificates, Birth Certificate, Local Govt Certificate
Additional Items πŸ“Έ Passport Photos, Office Files
Copies of Credentials πŸ” Three Copies Each
Name Change Info πŸ“ Affidavit and Newspaper Publication (If Applicable)

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Overview of the Screening Exercise

The screening exercise is a mandatory step for all newly admitted students at the Federal College of Education, Jama’are. This process verifies your eligibility and readiness to commence your academic journey at the institution.
Duration of the Screening ExerciseExercise Period: The screening will be conducted over a period of two weeks, starting from 01 February 2024.
Required Documents for the Screening

As part of the screening exercise, you are required to present several important documents. It’s essential to prepare these documents in advance to ensure a smooth screening process.
Documents to be Presented at the ScreeningOriginal Statement of Results/Certificates: Bring your original academic results or certificates.
Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age: Provide proof of your date of birth.
Local Government/State Certificate of Indigene: This document proves your local government or state of origin.
Recent Passport Size Photographs: You must have six recent passport-sized photographs.
Office Files: Prepare three office files for document submission.
Copies of All Credentials: Provide three copies of all your educational credentials.
Affidavit of Change of Name and Newspaper Publication: If applicable, bring an affidavit and newspaper publication of change of name (three copies).
Important Note on Change of NameNo Change of Name After Registration: Be aware that no changes to your name will be accepted after the registration process.
Conclusion: Preparing for Your Screening at Federal College of Education, Jama’are

As you prepare for the screening exercise, it’s crucial to ensure that all your documents are in order and readily available. This process is a key step in finalising your admission and setting the stage for a successful academic tenure at the Federal College of Education, Jama’are. Remember, the screening is only for a limited period, so it’s important to act promptly and efficiently. Best of luck as you embark on this exciting educational journey!

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