Generating Your JAMB Profile Code: Step-by-Step Instructions for UTME and DE Candidates

Generating Your JAMB Profile Code: Step-by-Step Instructions for UTME and DE Candidates

Navigating the JAMB registration process can be perplexing, right? Do you know if you can reuse your old phone number for a new registration? Or how to recover a forgotten profile code? This guide provides clear, step-by-step instructions on generating your JAMB Profile Code, whether it's for a new registration or reusing a previously used number. Read on to simplify your JAMB journey!

As a prospective candidate for the 2024 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations, understanding the intricacies of generating a JAMB Profile Code is crucial. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the process for both new and returning candidates. Whether you’re embarking on this journey for the first time or revisiting it, this guide ensures a smooth and successful experience.
📱 New Numbers Send NIN by SMS to 55019 or 66019 for new registration.
🔁 Old Numbers Reuse your previous number; no new profile code needed.
🔑 Retrieve Code Text RESEND to 55019 or 66019 to recover forgotten code.
🔄 Profile Consistency Cannot change names or transfer profiles to another candidate.
🛒 e-PIN Purchase Use the same or new profile code to buy e-PIN.
🧐 e-PIN Recovery Send UTMEPIN/DEPIN to 55019/66019 for lost e-PIN retrieval.
📲 Profile Password Reset forgotten password by SMS to 55019 or 66019.
✅ Final Step Proceed to JAMB CBT centre post e-PIN acquisition.

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What is a JAMB Profile Code?

The JAMB Profile Code is a unique identifier necessary for UTME and Direct Entry registrations. It’s the first step in your journey towards sitting for the JAMB exams. This code links your personal information to your JAMB records, ensuring a streamlined and personalized examination process.

JAMB Profile Code For Returning Candidates: Using a Previously Used Number
How to Reusing Your Old Number

If you’ve previously registered for JAMB, you can reuse your old GSM telephone number. This number, which you’ve used for profile code creation, e-PIN vending, and prior registrations, is tied to your personal JAMB profile.
How to Retrieving Your Old Profile Code

In case you’ve forgotten your old profile code, there’s no need to panic. Simply send ‘RESEND’ to 55019 or 66019, and you’ll recover your old profile code. This code is vital for purchasing your new e-PIN.

Important: Your existing profile, including your email, telephone number, and profile code, cannot be altered or transferred to another candidate. Moreover, you cannot change your name using the ‘CORRECT’ command on this existing number, as the profile is already linked to it.
JAMB Profile Code For New Candidates: Registering with a New Number

New candidates must follow a specific registration pattern. Here’s what you need to do:
How to Register for JAMB Profile Code with New Numbers

As a new candidate, the registration process follows the normal pattern. Begin by sending your National Identification Number (NIN) via SMS to 55019 or 66019. The format should be: NIN followed by a space, then your 11-digit NIN (e.g., NIN 00123456789). Remember, this number should not have been used for UTME/DE registration in the past, and avoid using postpaid or special bundle SIM cards.
Recovering Lost JAMB Profile Codes and ePins
Lost Profile Codes

If you’ve lost your profile code, send ‘RESEND’ to 55019 or 66019 as a text message from the same mobile number.
Lost ePins

In the event of losing your ePin after payment, send UTMEPIN (for UTME candidates) or DEPIN (for Direct Entry candidates) to 55019 or 66019. Your ePin will be retrieved and sent to your registered number.
Resetting Forgotten Profile Password

To reset a lost or forgotten profile password, send ‘password [space] email address’ to 55019 or 66019 from the mobile number registered with your profile.
Completing Your Registration at a JAMB CBT Centre

After successfully obtaining your ePIN, proceed to any JAMB accredited CBT centres to complete your registration.
Resolving JAMB Profile Code ChallengesNon-Response or Failure in Sending NIN SMS to 55019 or 66019Solution: Use a different phone to resend the SMS with your SIM card.
Phone Number Already Used by Another JAMB CandidateSolution: Obtain and use a new phone line that hasn’t been previously utilized for JAMB.
Insufficient Balance for Profile Code SMSSolution: Ensure your phone has a minimum airtime balance of N 50, necessary for generating the profile code.
NIN Record Not FoundSolution: Double-check the accuracy of the NIN sent or visit a NIN center for verification.
Inaccurate Date of Birth in NIN RecordsSolution: Rectify your birth date at the NIMC, with an associated cost of around N15,000.
Invalid Characters Detected in SMSSolution: Use the correct SMS format: NIN [Your 11-digit NIN] sent to 55019 or 66019. Avoid punctuation like commas, periods, etc.
Missing Surname or First Name in NIN DetailsSolution: Wait a few days before trying again or visit a NIN center.
Issue with NIN PassportSolution: Allow some time to pass, then reattempt.
NIN Unrecognized, Advised to Contact NIMCSolution: Immediately visit a NIMC Centre for NIN verification.
Profile Code Already Linked to Another NumberSolution: For past JAMB registrants, resend the profile code by SMS ‘RESEND’ to 55019 or 66019 using the initial phone number.
Problems Charging Line for SMSSolution: Delay the process and try again later.
All Solutions Ineffective?Solution: Describe your issue in detail in an email to JAMB, including your full name and NIN.
Inability to Verify NINSolution: Ensure your NIN is linked with the phone number used for messaging or contact your network provider.
Network Error Code 540Solution: This is a temporary network issue; attempt again later.
Incorrect Command Sent or Wrong ParameterSolution: Confirm the correct format is used for SMS to 55019 or 66019, like NIN [Your NIN Number].
For Ongoing Issues on JAMB Profile Code: Reaching Out to JAMB SupportVisit and initiate a support ticket.
Follow the prompts based on whether you have a JAMB registration number.
Fill in your details accurately, select “2024 NIN RELATED ISSUE” from the drop-down, and provide a concise subject like “NIN Issues”.
In the message box, describe your problem in detail.
Attach any relevant screenshots.
Review and send your query, noting down the transaction ID for reference.
Await a response via email from JAMB Support.

Understanding the JAMB profile code generation process is essential for a hassle-free registration experience. Whether you are a new candidate or returning for another attempt, this guide aims to clarify the process, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the upcoming exams. Remember, keeping your profile information safe and accessible will ease your journey through the registration process and beyond.

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