College of Health Ijero-Ekiti: NBTE Accreditation Update for 8 Programmes

College of Health Ijero-Ekiti: NBTE Accreditation Update for 8 Programmes

Ever wondered what's new at the College of Health Sciences and Technology Ijero-Ekiti? With the recent NBTE accreditation for eight programmes, including six exciting new additions, there's a lot to talk about. How does this impact students and the institution's quality of education? Let's dive in and find out!"

The College of Health Sciences and Technology Ijero-Ekiti has recently achieved a significant milestone in the realm of healthcare education. The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), a pivotal entity in ensuring educational excellence, has officially accredited eight programmes at the institution. This accreditation encompasses two pre-existing courses and introduces six new, cutting-edge programmes, marking a substantial expansion in the College’s educational offerings.
🎓 New Programmes ND Dental Surgery, Public Health, Dispensing Opticianry, Paramedics, Dental Therapy, HND Health Info
✅ Existing Programmes ND Community Health, ND Environmental Health Tech
🏛️ Institution College of Health Sciences & Tech, Ijero-Ekiti
📜 Accreditation Granted by NBTE
📅 Accreditation Date Recent Quality Assurance Visit
🎉 Provost’s Reaction Dr. (Mrs) Olajumoke Adebayo appreciates NBTE’s efforts
💡 Focus Areas Student & staff welfare, infrastructural development
🤝 Support From Ekiti State Gov. and stakeholders

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NBTE’s Role in Quality Assurance
Understanding the Accreditation Process

The NBTE’s accreditation is a result of a meticulous Quality Assurance Visitation exercise. This process is critical in evaluating and ensuring that educational institutions maintain high standards of teaching and learning. The Board’s role is not to scrutinise but to guide and support educational institutions in delivering efficient services, focusing on student and staff welfare.
The Impact of Accreditation

Accreditation by NBTE is not merely a formal endorsement; it signifies a commitment to quality and a promise of exceptional educational standards. For students, this translates into enhanced learning experiences and greater opportunities post-graduation.
Newly Accredited Programmes
Expanding Educational Horizons

The six new programmes accredited are:ND Dental Surgery Technology,
ND Public Health Technology,
ND Dispensing Opticianry,
ND Paramedics Technology,
ND Dental Therapy,
HND Health Information Management.

These programmes represent a diverse range of fields within healthcare, each designed to equip students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge.
Continuing Excellence in Existing Programmes

The College also received renewed accreditation for two existing programmes:ND Community Health,
ND Environmental Health Technology.

These programmes have continued to evolve, reflecting the latest trends and practices in health sciences.
College of Health Sciences and Technology’s Commitment to Quality Education
A Message from the Provost

Dr. (Mrs) Olajumoke Adebayo, the Provost of the College, expressed her gratitude towards NBTE for its relentless efforts in maintaining educational quality. She emphasised the College’s dedication to setting the benchmark in quality education. A significant aspect of the College’s ethos is its focus on courses that directly impact human life. This focus is reflected in their pragmatic approach to personnel development, student welfare, infrastructure, staff welfare, and curriculum design.
Acknowledging Support and Looking Forward

Dr. Adebayo also acknowledged the support of Ekiti State Governor, His Excellency Biodun Oyebanji, whose financial assistance was instrumental in the successful accreditation process. She urged individuals in Ekiti State to support the Governor’s efforts, particularly in the education sector.

The accreditation of these eight programmes by the NBTE is a testament to the College of Health Sciences and Technology Ijero-Ekiti’s commitment to excellence in healthcare education. It underscores the institution’s role as a leader in shaping future healthcare professionals. This development is not only a triumph for the College but also a beacon of hope for the wider community, promising a brighter future in healthcare services and education.

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