Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship 2024 for African Scholars

Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship 2024 for African Scholars

Are you a visionary African scholar ready to make a lasting impact? The Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship 2024 could be your gateway to world-class research and development. Picture yourself at the University of Cambridge, but worried about finances? This full-cost scholarship for PhD students is your answer, offering not just tuition but a whole lot more. How does this scholarship support your ambitions and contribute to Africa's sustainable future?

You, as a talented student from Africa, have a unique opportunity to reshape the future through the Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship 2024. This comprehensive scholarship programme is not just a pathway to achieving a PhD in any subject at the prestigious University of Cambridge; it’s a chance to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of Africa and the world. If you’re seeking financial support to realise your academic dreams and have a passion for impactful research, this scholarship is for you.
🌍 Scholarship Type Full-cost PhD scholarship
πŸ›️ Open To Candidates from any African country
πŸŽ“ Research Focus Development of Africa, Climate-Resilient & Sustainable Futures
πŸ’· Financial Cover Tuition, stipend, health surcharge, visa, travel, research
🏫 Tenure Tenable at any Cambridge college
πŸ“ Application Via University of Cambridge admission process
🀝 Affiliation Linked with Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme
⏳ Deadline Specific to your course

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What the Scholarship Offers

The Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship encompasses a range of financial supports:University Tuition Fee: Full coverage of your PhD program tuition.
Annual Stipend: Adequate for the needs of a single person.
Immigration Health Surcharge and Visa Costs: Essential expenses for studying in the UK.
Travel and Research Expenses: Provision for costs associated with your academic research and travel.
Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this life-changing opportunity, you need to:Be a citizen of any African country.
Engage in research that enhances the development of Africa and contributes to climate-resilient and sustainable futures globally.
Cambridge Africa Scholarship Application Process

Applying for the Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship is straightforward:No separate scholarship application is required.
Simply submit the application for admission to the University of Cambridge by the funding deadline specific to your chosen course.
Find detailed application instructions and deadlines in the Postgraduate Course Directory.
Affiliation with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme

This scholarship programme is closely affiliated with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme, expanding the spectrum of opportunities available to you.
Further Information and Deadline

For comprehensive details about the Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship, visit the official scholarship page here.

Note: The deadline for the scholarship application is unspecified, so it’s crucial to check the specific funding deadlines for your intended course of study.

The Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship 2024 is more than just a financial aid; it’s an enabler of dreams and a catalyst for change. As an African scholar, this programme offers you the resources to pursue rigorous academic research and play a pivotal role in shaping a resilient and sustainable future for the continent and the world. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of a transformative journey at one of the world’s leading universities. Apply now and take the first step towards becoming a changemaker!

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