UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses - Explore Accredited Programs

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses - Explore Accredited Programs

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Postgraduate School offers a wide range of accredited courses, including Ph.D., M.Phil/Ph.D., Master's, and Postgraduate Diploma programs. Explore the diverse study options and find the perfect program to advance your academic and professional goals.

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) is renowned for its sterling academic reputation, cutting-edge research, and commitment to excellence. If you’re considering pursuing further studies at the postgraduate level, UNILORIN offers a wide range of accredited programs. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the variety of postgraduate courses offered by the Postgraduate School (PGS) at UNILORIN.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses

UNILORIN’s Postgraduate School offers a diverse array of postgraduate programs, including Ph.D. Degree, M.Phil/Ph.D. Degree, Master Degree, and Postgraduate Diploma programmes. These programs span various disciplines, providing options that cater to a wide range of academic interests and career goals.FACULTY OF AGRICULTUREDepartment of Agronomy: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Agronomy and Soil Science
Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension
Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics
Department of Crop Protection: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Crop Protection
Department of Animal Production: PGD in Animal Production, Master in Animal Production (MAP), M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Animal Production
Department of Home Economics and Food Science: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Food Science; M.Sc. in Home Economics
FACULTY OF ARTSDepartment of Arabic: M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature-in-Arabic
Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies: M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Peace and Development Studies, Peace and Security Studies (Available for EIMC), Peace and Strategic Studies (Available for EMC)
Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages: M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Yoruba Language, Yoruba Literature
Department of The Performing Arts: M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Performing Arts
Department of Religions: M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D. in Christian Studies, Comparative Religious Studies, Islamic Studies
Department of French: M.A., Ph.D. in French Language, Literature-in-French
Institute of Translation Art: M.A. in Translation Art
Department of The Performing Arts: M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Performing Arts
FACULTY OF BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCESDepartment of Anatomy: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Anatomy
Department of Physiology: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Physiology
FACULTY OF BASIC CLINICAL SCIENCESDepartment of Chemical Pathology and Immunology: M.Sc., Ph.D., MD in Chemical Pathology
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Therapeutics
FACULTY OF CLINICAL SCIENCESDepartment of Epidemiology and Community Health: Master of Public Health (MPH)
Department of Nursing Sciences: M.Sc. in Nursing Sciences
Department of Paediatrics and Child Health: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Tropical Paediatrics
FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION SCIENCESDepartment of Computer Science: PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Computer Science
Department of Information and Communication Science: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Information and Communication Science
Department of Mass Communication: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Mass Communication
FACULTY OF EDUCATIONDepartment of Arts Education: M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in English Language Education, Arabic Education, Comparative Education, Religious Studies Education, Curriculum Development (Arts Education), Mother Tongue Education, Philosophy of Education, and History and Policy of Education
Department of Counsellor Education: M.Ed., Ph.D. in Educational Guidance and Counselling
Department of Educational Technology: PGD in Educational Technology (PGDET), M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Educational Technology
Department of Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education: M.Sc. (Ed), M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Health Education; Master of Public Health Education
Department of Science Education: M.Ed. in Science Education (Biology); M.Ed., Ph.D. in Mathematics Education
Department of Social Sciences Education: M.Ed., Ph.D. in Sociology of Education, Curriculum Development in Social Sciences Education, Social Studies Education
Department of Adult and Primary Education: M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Adult Education, Childhood Education
Department of Human Kinetics Education: M.Sc. (Ed), M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Science, Administration and Management of Human Kinetics and Sport, Curriculum and Teacher Education, Adapted Physical Education, Recreation and Tourism Education
Department of Educational Management: M.Ed., Ph.D. in Educational Management
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYDepartment of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering: M.Eng., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D.
Department of Chemical Engineering: M.Eng., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering: M.Eng. in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering: M.Eng., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
FACULTY OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCESDepartment of Architecture: M.Sc. in Architecture
Department of Estate Management: PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D. in Estate Management
Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics: PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D. in Surveying and Geoinformatics
Department of Quantity Surveying: PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D. in Quantity Surveying
Department of Urban and Regional Planning: PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning
FACULTY OF LAWDepartment of Common Law: LL.M, M.Phil., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Common Law
Department of Islamic Law: LL.M, M.Phil., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Islamic Law
FACULTY OF LIFE SCIENCESDepartment of Biochemistry: PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Department of Microbiology: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Microbiology
Department of Plant Biology: PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Plant Biology
Department of Zoology: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Zoology
FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCESDepartment of Accounting: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Accounting
Department of Finance: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Finance
Department of Marketing: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Marketing
FACULTY OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
FACULTY OF PHYSICAL SCIENCESDepartment of Chemistry: PGD, M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Chemistry
Department of Industrial Chemistry: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry
Department of Mathematics: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Mathematics
Department of Physics: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Physics
Department of Statistics: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Statistics
Department of Geophysics: M.Sc. in Geophysics
Department of Geology and Mineral Sciences: PGD in Geology, M.Sc. in Applied Geology, M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Geology
FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCESDepartment of Economics: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Economics
Department of Geography and Environmental Management: M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Management
Department of Sociology: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Sociology
FACULTY OF VETERINARY MEDICINEDepartment of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Pharmacology and Veterinary Toxicology
Department of Veterinary Anatomy: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Anatomy
Department of Veterinary Medicine: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine
Department of Veterinary Microbiology: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Microbiology
Department of Veterinary Parasitology & Entomology: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Parasitology
Department of Veterinary Pathology: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Pathology
Department of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Physiology and Veterinary Biochemistry
Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Department of Theriogenology and Production: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Animal Health in Production and Theriogenology
Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology: M.Sc., Ph.D. in Large Animal Surgery, Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary Anaesthesiology, and Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

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