Tuition and Fee Schedule of Unity Schools in Nigeria

Tuition and Fee Schedule of Unity Schools in Nigeria

The Ministry of Education has introduced alterations in the fee structure for Nigeria's Unity Schools. The revised fee, totalling ₦100,000 for new students, covers various aspects like boarding, uniforms, textbooks, and more. This move is part of adapting to the evolving educational dynamics, ensuring continued premium education for the nation's future leaders.

The Ministry of Education has ushered in fresh changes for the Unity Schools spread across Nigeria. With education being a pivotal foundation for the nation’s growth, such changes aim to adapt to the evolving dynamics of the educational sector.
📚 Ministry Update Changes announced for Unity Schools in Nigeria.
💼 Purpose Adapting to evolving dynamics of the educational sector.
📃 Tuition Notice “Approved fees/ charges for Federal Unity Colleges (1st Term) for new students”.
🖋️ Signed By Hajia Binta Abdulkadir, Director of Senior Secondary Education.
💰 New Tuition ₦100,000 for incoming students.
📔 Fee Breakdown Includes boarding, uniforms, textbooks, ID card, stationery, etc. Total fee is ₦100,000.
🎓 Legacy & Value Unity Schools are a beacon of academic excellence in Nigeria.
🌟 Goal Ensure top-tier education for Nigeria’s future leaders, shaping a more informed future.

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A Glimpse into the Updated Tuition Fees

Unity Schools, representing the backbone of federal educational institutions in Nigeria, have witnessed an alteration in their fee structure. The recent circular titled, “Approved fees/ charges for Federal Unity Colleges (1st Term) for new students” serves as the official communication outlining these changes.

Hajia Binta Abdulkadir, the esteemed Director of Senior Secondary Education, put her signature to this pivotal document, sealing the revised fee structure. The document reveals that incoming students will now need to budget for a tuition fee of ₦100,000.
Breakdown of the Unity School Fees Schedule

The schedule for the updated fee structure is as follows:Tuition Fee: Free
Boarding Fee: ₦30,000.00 (only for boarders)
Uniform: ₦25,000.00 (applicable to JSS1 & SS1 students)
Text Books Deposit: ₦15,000.00
Exercise Books: ₦5,000.00 (per session)
Prospectus: ₦1,000.00
Caution Fee: ₦1,000.00 (per session)
ID Card: ₦1,000.00
Stationery: ₦1,000.00
Clubs and Societies: ₦1,000.00
Sports: ₦1,000.00
Medical: ₦2,000.00
Vocational: ₦1,000.00
Utilities: ₦2,000.00
Security: ₦1,000.00
Website/e-Result/ICT: ₦3,000.00
Skool Media: ₦3,000.00
Extra Lesson: ₦2,000.00
Insurance: ₦5,000.00 (once per session)

The total amounts to ₦100,000.00.
What Does This Mean for Students?

While the figure stands stark on paper, it’s crucial for students and guardians to see this in the larger context of educational investments. Unity Schools have long stood as a beacon of academic excellence, and the fee structure, while revised, seeks to ensure that these institutions continue offering top-tier education to the nation’s future leaders.

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