TransparencIT Civic Changemakers Fellowship Programme 2023

TransparencIT Civic Changemakers Fellowship Programme 2023

The Civic Changemakers Fellowship Programme 2023 is a three-month training for community champions seeking to tackle civic and governance challenges. Provided by TransparencIT, the program empowers changemakers to enhance civic participation, governance, and social justice in their communities, with a strong focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants will gain mentoring, networking opportunities, and professional development, and learn how to leverage technology for advocacy. The programme is open to Nigerians aged between 18 and 35, and applications close on June 30, 2023.

The Civic Changemakers Fellowship Programme, a civic innovation and governance training initiative, is now accepting applications. The programme aims to empower community champions who are actively working or aspire to work on solving civic and governance challenges in their communities.

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About the Fellowship

Every year, TransparencIT selects community champions who have demonstrated significant active participation in their communities and invites them to develop and scale solutions to disrupt civic participation and improve governance and social justice. This three-month program offers changemakers the opportunity to advance their activities and projects through engagement, training, group work, and networking.
The Objective of the Programme

The programme’s primary goal is to strengthen the civic space and impact communities positively. This is achieved by enhancing the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation of changemakers to foster and implement citizen-driven solutions. The programme is designed with a focus on creating a positive impact using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Emerging changemakers who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:Between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of application.
Citizens and residents of Nigeria at the time of the programme.
Passionate about solving social justice and governance challenges in their communities.
Available to attend both online and on-site activities of the programme.
Proficient in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding the English language.
The programme encourages women and people living with disabilities to apply.
Benefits of the Fellowship

Emerging changemakers will have the opportunity to:Participate in interactions with global experts on equity and social justice.
Receive professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities, in addition to peer group learning.
Receive support to build and advance solutions around governance challenges and customized programming from TransparencIT and affiliate partners.
Learn how to adopt technology in advocacy and leverage it to improve governance.
Selection Criteria

The selection panel will evaluate candidates based on:Demonstrated commitment to community service or volunteerism on issues of inequality and social justice.
Demonstrated interest in developing leadership capacities and civic solutions.
Ability to work with diverse groups cooperatively.
Strong social and problem-solving skills.
Key DatesThe application deadline is June 30.
Selected applicants will be notified in July and August.
Orientation and training will commence in September.
The civic leadership retreat will be held in December.
Application Process

To apply for the Changemakers programme, please complete and submit the application form by June 30. The application requires that you write short essays on the inequality and social justice issues you are addressing.

For more information, visit the official TransparencIT Civic Changemakers Fellowship Programme webpage.

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