Priesst Drops New Single, “Upcoming (Check On Me)”

Priesst Drops New Single, “Upcoming (Check On Me)”

Tokindrumz Management is proud to announce the release of “Upcoming (Check on Me)” by singer and songwriter, Priesst.

In his own words, “Upcoming (Check on Me)” is in many respects a cry of frustration. The artist in his own words captured the grief and disappointment caused by stagnation and a yearning for reciprocity. In a world where many people feel underappreciated and unnoticed, the song reflects the mindset of a generation of young people seeking validation and in the extreme, basic acknowledgement.

Priesst brings to bear his signature cadence and reverberating lyrical prowess to bear on this song, adding another note to his already stellar collection of songs. Whether you are a fan of Priesst or just getting familiar, this new release is thought-provoking and is already proving to be a crowd-pleaser, enjoying thousands of replays on global playlists.

“Upcoming (Check on Me)” was released on 29th September 2023 and is distributed exclusively by 5K Records Limited. Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Audiomack, Spotify and other major music stores.


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