[Lyrics] Wordz – LAUNDRY DAY 2 (Ft. Tyson Sybateli) Lyrics

[Lyrics] Wordz – LAUNDRY DAY 2 (Ft. Tyson Sybateli) Lyrics

[Intro: Wordz]

[Verse 1: Wordz]
Ain’t no competition, it’s just me versus me
Me, don’t you agree? Is waar
Ntjaka ka mo melleng o mo one
Ke double barrel, oka quot’a gun’e
Trigger ke e one, eish
Oska no otlwa bare
“Wordz started changin'”
When I try to figure the arrangement
New laundry needed some arrangin’
So I start with pace
Where I’m from butterflies is the sign of danger
Crooked smiles is the sign of anger
Couple grandmas on the pacer
Mary’s only son like Jesus in the manger
Feelin’ hella blessed
Haters gon’ hate never the less
Now I know wy 50 wore a vest
Back stabbers now aim for your chest
Even though they say they got your back, nigga

[Verse 2: Tyson Sybateli]
Boy, this little light of mine’s a big stepper
Pixar and I stand on those letters
I’m a G like go-getters
Double O G, yah, my dogs forever
Move [?] like a maths teacher, the [?] pressure
Bench press and punch above my weight
If they hate, get ’em
Been a long year these days
Fans want songs of me featuring they faves
Got no problem sparring, “Send a beat” is what I say
Truth be told your favourite scared of washing, I will not behave
I am God’s flesh
Album of the year, nigga, digest
I cannot lie, best
God, yes
Niggas went against the grain but somehow ain’t die yet
Verify when I text, your girl with my dialect
All of them gettin’ piped like new plumbin’ then I stretch
My girl dressed like yours just way better
You hoes can’t face pressure
Your bros can stay jealous, I’m up
All the homies win and we been liftin’ cups
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[Verse 3: Wordz]
Not everyone’s a gangster
Not everyone’s a robber
Not everyone’s a stepper
Not everyone’s a member
Man, life the real thug
Well, as far as I remember
You might never [?] from the niggas he done setup
2020 was a mess, this pandemic wouldn’t let up
I’m happy you’re alive so you could hear this record breathin’
Moment of silence for the preacher
How am I supposed to love you when there’s unresolved feelings? (Feelings)

[Verse 4: Tyson Sybateli]
Make money not mistakes
But that’s why I’m here today
And you woulda been here with me if you woulda did the same
Msusic business got me feelin’ like a nigga skipped a grade
I’ll be way ahead of niggas while I’m comin’ into age
You can judge me but I’m covered and you’ll never flip the page
Here’s the plot, here’s the labels, here’s the stupid A&Rs
Here’s the distro, here’s your cover, here’s your features, here’s your opps
We gon’ have to launder money for these record deals to pop, uh

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