[Lyrics] Moelogo – What I Like Lyrics

[Lyrics] Moelogo – What I Like Lyrics

[Intro: Moelogo]
Baby yodi e, yodi e
Oh yeah, yodi e, yodi e
Girl, yodi e, yodi e
Fine gyal, yodi e, oh

[Verse 1: Sneakbo]
Shake your batty, shake your batty for a real G
When you’re stressed, babygirl, come and link me
Take shots, then we get a bit tipsy
I’ll have you whining up your body like a gypsy
Baby don’t stress me, come and bless me
I’ll never let another girl get the jetski
I’m talking late nights, anytime, text me
Cause you be my girlfriend and my bestie
Probably make a mill with your boo boos
Drop them other bitches, they be fought for
Girl, you know I love you like cooked food
I be giving you the world and my bamboo
You’re nothing like the girl with the tattoo
But I can tell that you met a couple bad dudes
And I’ll be that guy that’s about to change your life
Tryna show you I’ve got real plans for you

[Hook: Moelogo]
This girl [be ?]
In the club, she’s amazing
She wan’ jump on the jetski
She’s feeling kind of naughty
Yodi e dada
Baby girl yodi e dada
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[Verse 2: Sneakbo]
What you saying? You’re alright
Tell me what you wanna do tonight
I’mma give you all of my time
Make sure that you’re nice
Anytime you wanna take flights
We could go anywhere the sun shines
Better bring your bikini
I’m tryna make your life easy
I wanna get to know your mum, I wanna kick it with your dad
Your whole fam gon’ meet me
So babygirl just yodi e dada
If you no understand [?]
I wan’ show you round, I wan’ hold you down
I wan’ spend with you my [?]
Never thought I’d do that
I make girl songs cause I get bare yats
Big batty, big breasts, yeah, I like that
Young boy, 22, living life like that

[Hook: Moelogo]

[Bridge: Moelogo]

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