Kozboy – “1 Bottle” Hero Berema & Ams

Kozboy – “1 Bottle” Hero Berema & Ams

The long awaiting track Kozboy ft Hero & Ams – 1 Bottle Is officially out for all platforms. Ododomu Endurance Kozu am from Bayelsa State Stage name is Kozboy raised in Ondo state and went back to Bayelsa State and started my music career in 2009.

The lyrics of “ 1 Bottle” are simple yet powerful. Kozboy croons about a special connection between two people, and it’s easy to get lost in the emotion of the song.

The production of “ 1 Bottle” is also top-notch. The track features a catchy beat that is perfectly complemented by subtle touches of steel drums and other Caribbean instruments. The mixing and mastering of the track are also excellent. Every element of the song is perfectly balanced, creating a lush and detailed soundscape.Audio Player


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