Kickstart Your Career with Olam Graduate Trainee Programme

Kickstart Your Career with Olam Graduate Trainee Programme

Olam, a purpose-led company, is announcing its 2023 Graduate Trainee Programme. This 12-month structured programme is designed to stimulate ambition, initiative, creativity, and intellectual energy. We're seeking graduates with a passion for excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and the will to learn in new environments, particularly in areas such as procurement, safety, HR, MIS/IT, marketing, and sales. Apply today and embark on a high-impact career journey in global agriculture and food systems.

Olam International, one of the world’s largest suppliers of food and industrial raw materials, is calling for entries for its 2023 Graduate Trainee Programme. The Programme is an essential part of Olam’s strategy to bring on board young, intelligent, and passionate individuals who are eager to shape the future of global agriculture and food systems. Let’s dig deeper into the workings of this exciting initiative.

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Who are we: Unveiling Olam

Olam International is a purpose-led global agri-business firm, dedicated to revolutionizing the agriculture and food industry. With a presence in over 60 countries, the company’s operations encompass everything from farming to processing and distribution. Additionally, the company has a vast sourcing network, reaching an estimated 4.8 million farmers and serving a clientele of nearly 19,800 worldwide.

The company’s overarching purpose is to generate more food, feed, and fibre to cater to the ever-increasing global population. This is executed while ensuring a positive impact on farming communities, the planet, and all its stakeholders, striking a sustainable balance between demand and impact.
The Graduate Journey: Nurturing the Next-Gen Leaders

Olam’s Graduate Programme is a meticulously designed 12-month development journey. More than just a programme, it’s an intense and stimulating quest that’s set to kindle your initiative, ambition, and creativity. It’s also a test of your energy and intellect, pushing you to excel beyond your limits and step out of your comfort zone.

The programme offers critical exposure, networking opportunities, and a fresh perspective, arming you with the edge you need for a high-impact career in the agri-business sector.
Who are we looking for? Your Potential, Our Future

At Olam, we are in the constant pursuit of individuals filled with entrepreneurial spirit and an unquenchable thirst for excellence. We value your appetite to learn in new environments and adapt to the changing demands of the world.
What We Seek:

Credentials and Experience: Graduates from leading universities with a maximum of 2 years of experience working in Procurement, Safety, Human Resources, MIS/IT, Marketing, and Sales.

High Cognitive Ability: A forward-thinking and analytical approach to projects and problem-solving, essential for tackling the complex tasks ahead.

Leadership and Change Agency: Attributes to lead, manage complexity, and the determination to drive changes and achieve outcomes.
How to Apply: Your Path to a Rewarding Career

The Olam Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 is currently accepting applications. Opportunities are available for young and enthusiastic trainees in the following areas:Procurement
Human Resources

Interested candidates can apply here. The deadline for applications is June 25, 2023.

We look forward to welcoming the next batch of future leaders to join us in our journey of reimagining global agriculture and food systems.

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