Join UCH Ibadan's EIA Certificate Course | 3-Month Intensive Training

Join UCH Ibadan's EIA Certificate Course | 3-Month Intensive Training

Are you ready to become an expert in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)? Why not join the University College Hospital, Ibadan, for a comprehensive 3-month certificate course that promises to equip you with the skills to navigate and succeed in the field of EIA?

The University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, in a strategic initiative to advance environmental health education, has launched a compelling 3-Month Certificate Training in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This program is specifically designed to equip learners with the critical skills and knowledge required to conduct comprehensive EIAs, ensuring health sciences are integrated with environmental stewardship.
πŸŽ“ Course Offered 3-Month Certificate in EIA
🏫 Host Institution University College Hospital, Ibadan
πŸ“ˆ Skill Outcome Comprehensive EIA knowledge acquisition
πŸ“œ Curriculum History, Legislation, Processes of EIA
πŸ—“️ Start Date 5th February, 2024
πŸ’΅ Form Fee N10,000
πŸ’³ Payment Method REMITA EHOTC TSA Account
πŸ“ž Contact Provided email and phone for enquiries

Table of Contents[Show]
Mastering EIA for Health Sciences
Upon Completion, Participants Will Achieve Proficiency in:EIA History: Charting the evolution of EIA.
Health Sciences Nexus: Grasping the pivotal role of EIA in health sciences.
Legislative Framework: Understanding the legal underpinnings governing EIA.
Process Comprehension: Gaining insights into the systematic approach of EIA.
Core Competencies Developed:Social Impact Evaluation: Identifying the role of social impact assessments in the context of EIA.
Stakeholder Engagement: Evaluating the necessity of stakeholder consultations in the EIA process.
Instrument Utilisation: Discerning traditional and modern tools employed in EIA.
Data Analysis: Mastering the collation and analysis of pertinent data.
Report Creation: Learning to synthesize information into a coherent EIA report.
Enrolment Details
Form Accessibility:Acquisition: Secure your application form from EHO Training School Account (EHOCT TSA) at UCH Ibadan.
Investment: The form is priced at ₦10,000, ensuring affordability.
Application Process:Open Registrations: Enrollment is currently ongoing at the Environmental Health Officer Tutors Course, Federal Training Centre for Teachers of Health Sciences, UCH, Ibadan.
Target Audience: The program is meticulously tailored for academics and professionals within the built environment sector.
Program Commencement:Start Date: Classes begin on the 5th of February, 2024, marking the start of an immersive educational experience.
Key Information:Form Payment: Payments are to be made into the REMITA EHOCT TSA account.
Program Duration: A comprehensive 3-month certificate course.

Embark on this educational odyssey and become an agent of change in environmental health. With the expert training at UCH Ibadan, you will be equipped to make a significant impact in the field of environmental impact assessment.

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