Jigawa State College of Education Post UTME Form 2023/2024

Jigawa State College of Education Post UTME Form 2023/2024

Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel (JSCOEG) has opened its post UTME application portal for the 2023/2024 academic session. Candidates must score a minimum of 100 in their UTME/JAMB Examination to qualify for direct N.C.E. The college offers numerous courses across various disciplines, such as language studies, sciences, social studies, and specialized subjects. Interested applicants should visit the college's website to apply for admission.

Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel (JSCOEG) opens a window of opportunity for academic aspirants seeking to embark on an educational journey tailored towards their career objectives. As the College announces its admission portal for the 2023/2024 academic session, potential applicants need to be armed with the essential information to navigate the process smoothly. This comprehensive guide seeks to highlight the relevant steps and provide a detailed overview of the courses on offer.
πŸ“’ Admissions Open JSCOEG announces opening of post-UTME application portal for 2023/2024 Academic session.
πŸ’» How to Apply Visit the college website and apply for Admission: https://jscoegumel.admissions.cloud/
πŸ’― Minimum Score Candidates must score a minimum of 100 in UTME/JAMB to qualify for N.C.E Direct.
πŸ“š Courses Available Numerous courses offered, spanning a variety of subjects.
πŸ”  Language Courses Includes Arabic/English, Arabic/Hausa, English/Geography, etc.
πŸ”¬ Science Courses Includes Biology/Integrated Science, Computer Science Education/Mathematics, etc.
🌍 Social Studies Courses Includes Economics/Social Studies, Geography/History, etc.
🎨 Specialty Courses Includes Fine And Applied Arts, Home Economics, Agricultural Science, etc.

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Opening the Gateway to Education: Admission Announcement

In a commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow, JSCOEG invites candidates interested in its varied course offerings to apply for the 2023/2024 academic session. Candidates who have met the minimum requirement of 100 points in their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) are eligible to apply for N.C.E Direct Admission. Applications can be submitted via the college’s official website: https://jscoegumel.admissions.cloud/.
The Rich Tapestry of Courses at JSCOEG

The curriculum at JSCOEG caters to a wide range of academic interests. From specialized courses in specific disciplines to double major programmes, the options are diverse and wide-ranging. Below is an outline of the courses and departments available at JSCOEG.

1. Adult and Non-Formal Education

2. Languages and Communication Studies

The department comprises the following courses:Arabic/English
Arabic/Islamic Studies
Arabic/Social Studies
Arabic Medium
English/Islamic Studies
English/Social Studies
Economics/Social Studies

3. Natural and Applied Sciences

For those interested in the world of science and its application, this department offers courses such as:Biology/Integrated Science
Chemistry/Integrated Science
Computer Science Education/Integrated Science
Computer Science Education/Mathematics
Computer Science/Biology
Computer Science/Physics
Integrated Science/Mathematics Education
Integrated Science/Physics

4. Social Studies and Education

This department is home to courses like:Geography/History
Geography/Social Studies
Hausa/Islamic Studies
Hausa/Social Studies
History/Social Studies
History/Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies/Geography
Islamic Studies/Social Studies
Special Education/Social Studies

5. Early Childhood Care and Business Education

In this department, students can enrol for the following:Early Childhood Care Education
Business Education

6. Integrated and Double Major Programmes

For students looking for an expansive study experience, there are various integrated and double major courses to choose from:Integrated Science
Physical and Health Education (Double Major)
Fine and Applied Arts (Double Major)
Special Education (Double Major)
Social Studies (Double Major)
English (Double Major)
Home Economics (Double Major)
Integrated Science (Double Major)
Agricultural Science (Double Major)

7. Primary Education Studies

This course is designed for those who aspire to shape the minds of the youngest generation.

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