Jigawa College of Nursing Sciences, Babura Entrance Exam 2023

Jigawa College of Nursing Sciences, Babura Entrance Exam 2023

Jigawa State College of Nursing Sciences, Babura Campus, announces the entrance examination for its 2023 Basic Nursing Programme on May 6th. Candidates should prepare for the exam at the college premises.

Jigawa State College of Nursing Sciences (CONSBABURA), Babura Campus, has recently released a public notice regarding the entrance examination for the 2023 admission into its Basic Nursing Programme. Prospective candidates who have applied for the program should take note of the following details concerning the examination:

The entrance examination is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 6th May 2023, at 8:00 am. The venue for the examination will be the college premises in Babura. All candidates are advised to arrive early and be fully prepared for the examination, as this is an essential step in the admission process.

This examination serves as a crucial opportunity for aspiring nursing students to showcase their knowledge and skills in order to secure a spot in the prestigious Basic Nursing Programme at Jigawa State College of Nursing Sciences. Successful candidates can expect a rigorous and rewarding educational experience that will prepare them for a fulfilling career in the nursing profession.

To ensure a smooth examination process, candidates are advised to bring along necessary documents, including their application forms, identification, and any other required materials as specified by the college. It is also essential for candidates to familiarize themselves with the examination guidelines and procedures to avoid any issues on the day of the test.

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