Important ESUT Notice: End of Statement of Results Issuance

Important ESUT Notice: End of Statement of Results Issuance

ESUT has announced a change in policy concerning Statement of Results. The University has stopped issuing these and has set a validity deadline for previously issued Statements, which will cease to be valid after June 30, 2023. ESUT urges all graduates to apply for their original certificates before this deadline.

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu, has made an important public announcement concerning all of its graduates, from the inception of the University to date.

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ESUT Ends Issuance of Statement of Results

ESUT has made a key policy change regarding the provision of Statement of Results to its ex-students. The University has officially stopped the issuance of Statement of Results for all programs offered in the institution.

This decision is applicable to all past and current students, and the University is encouraging all alumni to take note of this significant change.
Validity Deadline for Statement of Results

The University has further set a deadline for the validity of any Statement of Results already issued to its past students. As per the new regulation, any Statement of Results provided by ESUT will cease to be valid after the 30th of June, 2023.

This policy is designed to ensure that all ESUT alumni are aware of the importance of obtaining their official graduation certificates from the University.
Immediate Availability of Graduation Certificates

In line with this new policy, ESUT has made it a priority to ensure that graduation certificates are signed, approved, and ready for collection immediately after the results are declared.

The University guarantees that all valid applications for certificates will be processed swiftly, thereby encouraging all alumni to apply for and obtain their original certificates from ESUT.
Call to Action for ESUT Alumni

The University strongly encourages all ESUT graduates who are still in possession of their Statement of Results to apply for and obtain their original certificates from the University as soon as possible.

This call to action is crucial, as after the 30th of June, 2023, any Statement of Results issued by ESUT will no longer be considered a valid academic document.
Notice to Employers

Finally, ESUT is issuing a notice to all employers of its graduates. If any ESUT alumni in your employ are still in possession of a Statement of Results from ESUT, please be advised that these documents will lose their validity after the specified date.

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