FULafia Introduces New Dress Code: Students to Have a Say

FULafia Introduces New Dress Code: Students to Have a Say

The Federal University of Lafia (FULafia) is preparing to introduce a new dress code, and Vice-Chancellor Professor Shehu Abdul Rahman emphasizes the importance of involving students in the process. He highlights the university's commitment to democratizing management practices and providing students with a voice. This initiative aligns with FULafia's broader efforts to expand channels for student expression and deepen democratic practices within the university community. The Vice-Chancellor believes that such democratization is crucial for students to cope with the challenges of the contemporary world and enhance the university's educational quality.

The Federal University of Lafia (FULafia) has announced plans to introduce a new dress code for its students. This move is part of the university’s initiative to democratize contemporary university management practices under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shehu Abdul Rahman.

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Democratizing University Management Practices

In an address at the recent presentation and swearing-in of the new officials of the Students Representatives Council (SRC) and Students Integrity Club (SIC), Professor Abdul Rahman expressed the need for the involvement of students in the decision-making processes affecting them. He emphasized the importance of including students in the drafting of the proposed dress code.

Professor Abdul Rahman asserted that the code, which will regulate students’ attire within the University’s environment, should be seen as reasonable, actionable, and complete only if students contribute to its creation.
Fostering Democracy in the University Community

The Vice-Chancellor reiterated his administration’s commitment to fostering democratic practices in the university’s governance. He referenced the recently launched Speak-UP Programme, which was designed to increase avenues for students to freely express their opinions about university governance and the changes they wish to see.

Additionally, the university has implemented a Suggestion Box initiative, with boxes placed at strategic points around the campus. This initiative particularly targets students who are unable or unwilling to Speak-Up, providing them with an alternative method to voice their thoughts and recommendations.
Preparing Students for the Contemporary World

As the world continues to embrace democratic principles, Professor Abdul Rahman emphasized the need to prepare FULafia students to cope with the challenges and realities of the contemporary world. He stated that the democratization of university management practices is instrumental in fostering high-quality education and achieving an esteemed status for the university.

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