FUDMA Cut-Off Mark for 2023/2024 Admission Exercise

FUDMA Cut-Off Mark for 2023/2024 Admission Exercise

The Federal University, Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA), has released the cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session admission. The minimum UTME score required is 140, except for specific programs and faculties which have higher minimum scores ranging from 150 to 160. These include Accounting, Economics and Development Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Microbiology, Library and Information Science, as well as all courses in the faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering.

The management of the Federal University, Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA), nestled within the cultural fabric of Katsina State in Nigeria’s North-Western region, has announced the cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session admission exercise. This follows FUDMA’s dedication to driving Nigeria’s shift to a technology-led economy and achieving Vision 20:2020. With this development, the university continues to improve the nation’s knowledge base, demonstrating its commitment to providing expanded access to quality education.
πŸ›️ University Overview Federal University Dutsin-Ma, located in Katsina State, Nigeria, is focused on developing a tech-driven economy.
🎯 Vision The university’s establishment aligns with Nigeria’s vision 20:2020 to improve knowledge base and education access.
πŸŽ“ UTME Requirement UTME candidates require a minimum of 140 in the 2023 UTME, with exceptions in specific programs.
πŸ“š Programmes Exceptions (150) Courses in Accounting, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Library and Information Science.
πŸ“š Programmes Exceptions (160) All courses in the faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering require a minimum of 160.
πŸ“ Location FUDMA is in Dutsin-ma, Katsina State, North-Western Nigeria, bordering Niger Republic and other states.
πŸ’Ό University’s Purpose The creation of FUDMA and eight other federal universities is aimed at achieving a tech-driven economy.
πŸ’‘ Impact These efforts are intended to expand access to education and improve Nigeria’s knowledge base.

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FUDMA: At the Forefront of Learning and Innovation

Situated in the Dutsin-ma Local Government Area of Katsina State, FUDMA shares its geographical boundary with Niger Republic and several Nigerian states, including Kaduna, Kano, and Jigawa. It stands as one of the nine federal universities established in line with the Nigerian Federal Government’s aspiration to run a technology-driven economy. This initiative directly contributes to Nigeria’s Vision 20:2020, further promoting the expansion of the nation’s knowledge base and broadening access to education.
FUDMA 2023/2024 Cut-Off Marks Revealed

Candidates applying for the 2023/2024 academic session at FUDMA must meet certain cut-off marks. These benchmarks, which differ by course, have been set to ensure that students possess the necessary academic rigour to thrive in their respective programmes.
A Minimum Cut-Off of 140

The general cut-off point for most UTME candidates is set at a minimum of 140. This encompasses a majority of the programmes offered at the institution.
Programmes with a Cut-Off of 150

Certain programmes have a higher threshold. Candidates aiming for the following programmes must achieve a minimum of 150 in the 2023 UTME:Accounting
Economics and Development Studies
Political Science
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Library and Information Science
Programmes with a Cut-Off of 160

The highest cut-off point, set at 160, applies to all courses in two specific faculties:All courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences
All courses in the Faculty of Engineering

The release of these cut-off marks signifies a key step in the 2023/2024 admissions process. Potential candidates should keep these scores in mind as they prepare for their UTME and make their university choices. As FUDMA continues to uphold its commitment to delivering quality education, its gates remain open to candidates ready to contribute to the journey of academic exploration and discovery.

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