Francis Ibhawoh Foundation's 2023 Essay Competition

Francis Ibhawoh Foundation's 2023 Essay Competition

The Francis Ibhawoh Foundation's 2023 Essay Competition addresses the issue of strikes in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Undergraduates from Edo State are invited to propose solutions, with the chance to win a cash prize, a certificate, and networking opportunities.

The Francis Ibhawoh Foundation is proud to announce its annual essay competition, an initiative designed to engage undergraduate students in thoughtful, constructive dialogue. This year, we’re tackling the pressing issue of incessant strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions and brainstorming potential solutions.

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Competition Topic

The 2023 Essay Competition’s theme is “Incessant Strikes in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions and How to Address Them.” The widespread strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions significantly disrupt the academic progress of our nation’s youth, leading to substantial setbacks in their overall development. It’s a problem that demands our attention, and we believe it’s crucial to generate innovative ideas to ensure a stable, conducive learning environment for our students.
Call for Participation

We’re inviting undergraduate students from all disciplines studying in tertiary institutions in Edo State to participate in this competition. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face. We encourage participants to delve deep into the causes, consequences, and implications of strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions, and to propose effective strategies for sustainably addressing this issue.
Prizes and Opportunities

This competition offers contestants more than just an opportunity to express their opinions and insights. It’s also a chance to win a cash award of N100,000.00, earn a certificate of achievement, and gain invaluable networking opportunities with renowned scholars, education experts, and professionals across various fields of endeavour.
How to Apply

Contestants can learn more about the competition guidelines, submission requirements, and key dates by visiting our website at or following our social media pages.

We encourage all students to share this opportunity with friends, colleagues, and fellow students. Your contributions could be invaluable in finding a sustainable way forward for this pressing issue. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in the future of tertiary education in Nigeria!

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