Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti Academic Calendar 2023/2024 - Plan Your Semester!

Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti Academic Calendar 2023/2024 - Plan Your Semester!

As the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti unveils its academic calendar for the first semester of 2023/2024, are you ready to plan your academic year meticulously? From lecture commencement to matriculation, and assessments to final exams, isn't it crucial to keep key dates at your fingertips? How can this calendar shape your semester for optimum academic achievement? Let's step into the new academic session with clarity and purpose.

The Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria, has announced its academic schedule for the upcoming first semester of the 2023/2024 academic session. This detailed calendar is designed to guide both new and returning students through the semester’s academic activities, ensuring that all participants are well-prepared for a successful academic term.
πŸ“… Semester Start 8 January 2024 for Non-SIWES Students
πŸ–Š️ Registration 8-12 January 2024 for NDI, HNDI & NDI Non-SIWES
πŸ“š Lectures Begin 15 January 2024 for All Eligible Students
πŸ“ Assessments Continuous Assessments Spread Over February & March
πŸŽ“ Matriculation 15 March 2024 for New Students
✍️ Exams 8-26 April 2024 for First Semester
πŸ“ Result Process May 2024 for First Semester Results
πŸ”„ Next Semester 20 May 2024 Resumption of Second Semester

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Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti Academic Calendar

The academic calendar sets forth a structured timetable for both SIWES and non-SIWES students, encompassing registration, assessments, lectures, and examinations.
For Non-SIWES StudentsAcademic Staff Leave II: Begins Friday, 5th January, and concludes on Friday, 19th January 2024.
Semester Resumption: Monday, 8th January 2024, marks the start of the first semester.
Registration Week: From Monday, 8th January to Friday, 12th January 2024, NDI, HNDI, and NDI Non-SIWES students will undertake registration.
Lectures Commence: Monday, 15th January 2024, sees the beginning of lectures.
For SIWES StudentsResumption and Lectures: ND II SIWES students return on Monday, 12th February 2024, with lectures and registration commencing simultaneously.
Assessments and Important EventsContinuous Assessments:For Non-SIWES students from Monday, 26th February to Thursday, 1st March 2024.
For SIWES students from Monday, 4th March to Friday, 8th March 2024.
Late Registration: Starts Monday, 11th March 2024, attracting a penalty.
Orientation: New students will be oriented on Tuesday, 12th March and Wednesday, 13th March 2024.
Matriculation: Set for Friday, 15th March 2024.
Examinations and Result ProcessingSecond Continuous Assessment: Slated for Monday, 18th March to Friday, 22nd March 2024 for all students.
End of Lectures and Revision: From Monday, 1st April to Friday, 5th April 2024.
First Semester Examinations: Scheduled from Monday, 8th April to Friday, 26th April 2024.
Scripts Marking: Takes place from Monday, 29th April to Friday, 10th May 2024.
Audit and Results Processing: From Monday, 13th May to Friday, 24th May 2024.
Results Consideration: The Expanded Committee of Deans will review the first semester results on Thursday, 30th May 2024.
Second Semester Commencement

The second semester is set to begin on Monday, 20th May 2024, ensuring a seamless transition between academic terms.

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