FCET Ekiadolor's Maiden Matriculation Ceremony 2022/2023

FCET Ekiadolor's Maiden Matriculation Ceremony 2022/2023

FCET Ekiadolor announces its Maiden Matriculation Ceremony for the 2022/2023 academic session on June 2, 2023, inviting the general public to celebrate the beginning of a new academic journey for their students. The institution reiterates its commitment to fostering excellence, as new students pledge to uphold the College's standards and values.

On behalf of the Governing Council, the Management and Staff of the Federal College of Education (Technical), FCET Ekiadolor, the Provost has extended an invitation to the general public for its Maiden Matriculation Ceremony. The event is scheduled to celebrate the admission of new students for the 2022/2023 academic session.

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Key Details of the Ceremony

The institution has chosen the grand occasion of its Maiden Matriculation Ceremony to be held on Friday, the 2nd of June 2023, at the 500LT Auditorium. The doors of the venue will be open from 11:00 am, with an array of distinguished guests, staff, and students expected to grace the occasion.
The Importance of the Matriculation Ceremony

The Matriculation Ceremony serves as a formal welcome to the newest members of the FCET Ekiadolor community. It symbolizes the beginning of their academic journey, a journey that promises to be filled with growth, discoveries, and opportunities. During the ceremony, the newly admitted students will pledge their commitment to their studies, adherence to the college’s code of conduct, and uphold the prestige of the institution.
Invitation to the Public

The FCET Ekiadolor Matriculation Ceremony is not just an event for students and staff. It is a community event that invites the general public to share in the celebration of a new batch of future leaders. Parents, guardians, friends, and well-wishers are cordially invited to join this landmark event.

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