Empower Your Startup with Orange Corners Incubation Program

Empower Your Startup with Orange Corners Incubation Program

Orange Corners Incubation Programme 2023 is now open for applications. Aimed at strengthening Nigeria's entrepreneurial ecosystem, it offers young entrepreneurs opportunities, skills, and market access to become successful, through a 6-month incubation programme.

The application process for the Orange Corners Incubation Programme 2023 is now open! This innovative initiative, established by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with a local service provider, is dedicated to nurturing and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nigeria. The overarching aim is to empower young individuals, providing them with the essential opportunities, skills, and access to markets needed to develop their business concepts and prosper as entrepreneurs.

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A Bridge to Success

Orange Corners offers a 6-month incubation programme for young entrepreneurs, serving as a vital bridge between these innovators and the private sector. This unique relationship provides invaluable benefits to all parties involved, promoting growth, development, and success in the Nigerian entrepreneurial landscape.
The Benefits of Participation

Participation in the Orange Corners Incubation Programme offers a wealth of benefits:Skills development: Participants will partake in collective and individual workshops focused on the creation of social enterprises.
Coaching and mentoring: The programme includes a personal development week, workshops in soft skills, and mentoring.
Personalised follow-up: A strategic advisory board will offer collective advice and guidance.
Events and networking: Participants will have the opportunity to attend professional meetings and events organised by the incubates.
Accommodation and domiciliation: Participants will have access to the incubator space and enjoy reduced pricing for commercial domiciliation.

The best part? There are no participation fees. The programme is funded through scholarships from the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and private partners.
Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the programme, applicants must:Be an aspiring entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria.
Be between 18-35 years old.
Have a validated innovative business concept, not more than 2 years old.
The product or service should address a local challenge in Nigeria.
The product or service should relate to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Selection will be based on the innovativeness, feasibility, social impact, market clarity, sustainability, scalability of the business idea, and the competence of the entrepreneur or team.
Application ProcessOnline application: Complete all required fields and submit via the online application form. Regularly check your inbox to see if you are among the 50 selected semi-finalists.
Bootcamp: The 50 semi-finalists will participate in a compulsory two-day bootcamp. The jury will decide who among the semi-finalists are best suited to join the incubation programme.
Selection: After the bootcamp, 20 young entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in the 6-month incubation programme.

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For more information, visit Orange Corners.

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