EKSU Releases Important Guidelines for Newly Admitted Students

EKSU Releases Important Guidelines for Newly Admitted Students

In a recent turn of events, the management of Ekiti State University (EKSU) has issued an important notice to all newly admitted students. This is intended to guide them through their matriculation processes, particularly regarding their obligations to the institution.

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Meeting Payment Requirements for Matriculation

As part of the established procedure, all fresh students are expected to have fulfilled their payment requirements before they can be eligible to sign the Matriculation Oath. This means that payment is not only an academic obligation but also a mandatory prerequisite to becoming a full-fledged student of EKSU.
Completing Online Biodata with Profile Picture and Signature

The university also emphasizes the need for students to complete their online biodata with a profile picture and signature. This ensures that each student’s identification within the school’s database is unique and accurately represented. The profile picture and signature are essential components of the students’ official identities within the academic community.
Matriculation Number and Official Email Address Generation

Upon the completion of these requirements, a Matriculation Number and an Official Email Address will be generated for each student. These serve as important credentials for every student, instrumental in all official communications within the academic environment.
Mandatory Activation of Official Email

Students are advised to note that only the Official Email Generated will be recognized and accepted for the receipt of information from the school. In case any student’s email is not activated within 15 working days, they are directed to visit the ICT department for assistance.

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