CUSTECH Postpones 3rd Matriculation Ceremony to June 2023

CUSTECH Postpones 3rd Matriculation Ceremony to June 2023

Preparing for the matriculation ceremony at Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH), matriculants should ensure their names are correctly recorded on the Dummy Matriculation list and complete their registration before the event. The matriculation ceremony, slated for 7th June 2023, marks the official induction of new intakes into the university and the end of the registration process for the 2022/2023 session.

Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) has announced the postponement of its 3rd Matriculation Ceremony. Originally planned for 10th May 2023, the event will now take place on Wednesday, 7th June 2023. This change has been made to ensure the best possible experience for all participants.

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Postponement Details:

The university community has been informed of the new date for the 3rd Matriculation Ceremony. While the reason for the postponement has not been explicitly stated, it is important to note that such changes are often made in the best interests of the students, staff, and the institution as a whole.
New Schedule:

With the new date set for Wednesday, 7th June 2023, students, staff, and guests should update their calendars accordingly. The university will likely provide additional information regarding the ceremony, such as the venue and time, as the new date approaches.
Matriculation Ceremony Preparation: Crucial Information for CUSTECH Matriculants

As anticipation builds for the upcoming matriculation ceremony at the Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH), Osara, students preparing for this significant milestone in their educational journey should take note of several crucial guidelines. The matriculation ceremony is set for the 7th of June, 2023.
Checking The Dummy Matriculation List

All matriculants are encouraged to inspect the Dummy Matriculation list vigilantly. This preliminary list, already displayed on the school’s noticeboard, contains the names of all students set to be inducted at the upcoming matriculation ceremony. Matriculants should ensure that their names are spelled and typed correctly on this list.
Correction of Errors

In the event of any typographical errors in the names on the Dummy Matriculation list, matriculants should contact their respective Faculty Officer for immediate corrections. Accuracy of information is vital to avoid potential complications down the line, especially in official documentation and records.
Completing Registration

Matriculants who have yet to complete their registration are advised to expedite the process. The matriculation ceremony not only represents the formal acceptance of students into the university community but also serves as the final cut-off for registration for the 2022/2023 academic session. It is, therefore, paramount for all new intakes to finalize their registration processes before the set date.

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