Celebrate Success at USA Convocation 2023 | Graduation Dates Announced

Celebrate Success at USA Convocation 2023 | Graduation Dates Announced

The countdown has begun for the Universal School of Aviation's convocation ceremony! Have you prepared to make your mark as a USA graduate? With festivities lined up in Abuja and Lagos, isn't it time to relish the culmination of your hard work amidst cheers and applause?

The Universal School of Aviation (USA) proudly announces its 2023 Convocation Ceremony, a hallmark event celebrating the accomplishments of its graduates. With ceremonies slated for both the Abuja and Lagos campuses, this convocation is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence by the students of USA.
πŸŽ“ USA Event 2023 Convocation Ceremony
πŸ“† Abuja Date 15th December 2023
πŸ“† Lagos Date 16th December 2023
πŸ™Œ Celebrate Your Graduation Milestone
πŸŽ‰ Campus Joy Two Days of Graduation Festivities
🀳 Connect Engage with Fellow Alumni
☎️ Enquiries Contact for Event Details
🌐 Website Alumni Information & Updates

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Convocation Details
Convocation Dates:Abuja Campus: 15th December 2023
Lagos Campus: 16th December 2023
Embarking on a New JourneyA Celebratory Affair: The convocation is more than just a ceremony; it’s the beginning of an exciting journey into the aviation industry for USA graduates. It marks the culmination of rigorous training and the onset of promising careers.
Information for Attendees and Well-WishersEnquiries and Further Details: For any questions or additional information, you are encouraged to reach out via the contact numbers provided or visit the USA’s alumni webpage. This ensures that every graduate and their loved ones are well-prepared for this significant event.
In SummaryCelebrate Together: Join us in honouring the achievements of the USA graduates.
Key Dates: Abuja Campus on the 15th and Lagos Campus on the 16th of December 2023.
Stay Informed: Use the provided contacts (0811 361 5555 – 08113625555 ) or website for any queries (www.universalschoolofaviation.com/alumni).

This convocation is not just a ceremonial event; it’s a beacon of success for those who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of aviation expertise. As we prepare to celebrate this milestone, we invite all graduates, family, and friends to partake in the festivities that recognise the hard work and success of our students.

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