BLIZZ X AKOSA: CHECHECHE (Featuring Goya Menor)

BLIZZ X AKOSA: CHECHECHE (Featuring Goya Menor)

The highly anticipated singles from Akosa and Blizz are finally out!!! The Mende-born duo seem well aware that first impressions matter and judging from their single, “Che Che Che” they went all out while featuring superstar Goya Menor. Che Che Che is a frenetic club banger that’s built around a soothing Amapiano beat, a catchy, bouncing tune works perfectly and it gives a strip club anthem!

Blizz’s journey in the music industry has been extraordinary as she takes listeners on a soothing journey while dropping the bars. The Mass Communications Graduate, Blizz proves that giving up is not an option and her passion for music is undeniable.

Queen Akosa wears many hats as she juggles from being an artist to running a fashion empire while also dabbling into acting. The Law graduate from the Northern American University and Blizz are sisters born and raised in Mende, Maryland.

The collaboration between Blizz, Akosa, and Goya Menor is a well-balanced union of three accomplished individuals in different fields, each contributing their special talents making CheCheChe a well-accepted tune and certified club banger



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Let the booty bounce!!!!

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